Virus Ourtbreak Nevada

Alanna McDonnell mixes drinks at Velveteen Rabbit, a cocktail bar in the Las Vegas Arts District, on the last night before they had to close on Friday, July 10, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada officials last week found that 90% of businesses under initial observation were compliant with state health and safety measures. 

The Division of Industrial Relations conducted initial observations of 359 businesses during the week of Sept. 21 to 26, focusing primarily on bars and restaurants. It found that 86% of 103 bars observed were compliant with statewide health directives and 94% of 98 restaurants observed were compliant. No citations were issued as a result of last week's observations. 

The round of initial observations included 18 retail stores, 16 medical facilities, 13 real estate businesses, 10 salons or tattoo parlors, 10 financial institutions and 57 unclassified industries and found the following compliance rates: 

  • Bars -- 86%
  • Restaurants -- 94%
  • General retail -- 67%
  • Medical facilities -- 100% compliance 
  • Real estate -- 92%
  • Hair/Nail/Tattoo salons -- 90%
  • Financial institutions -- 100%
  • Unclassified industries -- 91%

Since June, the division has conducted a total of 8,507 initial visits and found a 89% compliance rate statewide, 90% in northern Nevada and 87% in southern Nevada. 

Officials also conducted 124 follow up visits over Sept. 21 to 26 -- 97 follow-up visits in northern Nevada found a 100% compliance rate, and 27 follow up visits in southern Nevada found in a 56% compliance rate.

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