LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A UNLV wastewater surveillance program tells FOX5 that the Mu variant has been detected in throughout the Las Vegas Valley in August, and traces of it have been growing slowly.

The World Health Organization labels the Mu variant as a variant of "interest," concerned that several possible mutations could render vaccines less effective; the research is still out on the true impact of this latest strain.   

"We started seeing mutations associated with Mu in June and July, and then in August, we started seeing a little bit more-- nothing like Delta," said Dr. Edwin Oh of The UNLV Neurogenetics and Precision Medicine Lab. 

The lab has been detecting variants in sewage samples across the valley since the spring, and first alerted health authorities to the possibility of hundreds of U.K. variant cases; at the time, there were only a handful announced by local health authorities. 

Oh alerted health authorities earlier this summer, as he described an "explosion" of traces of Delta variants in May and June. Nevada hit its surge in July and August. 

The technology analyzes sewage or "human waste," and scientists can trace the COVID-19 virus in samples, even if individuals are not known to be sick just yet. The samples can predict where there are hotspots of cases in the valley. 

According to the Nevada State Lab, Mu had already been detected in Nevada on April 27, first discovered in Clark County. The state has tracked 41 cases, 28 of which have been in Clark County. 

"Infectious agents compete with one another... Delta has outpaced this particular virus," said Dr. Mark Pandori, head of the state lab, who said the Mu variant simply "didn't win" in spreading across Nevada-- for now. 

Dr. Pandori said that all mutations pose a greater risk than ever for the unvaccinated. 

"The virus replicates more in unvaccinated individuals, it replicates longer... it replicates faster in unvaccinated individuals. Vaccination doesn't only protect you, it keeps you out of the hospital," Dr. Pandori said. 

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2% of us population = around 6million people.

If we allowed the virus to spread without a vaccine, we would allow at least 6 million us citizens to die and also the virus would mutate multiple times which could increase the death rate from 2% to small pox magnitude or even worse.

Yet you lot cry over a few Americans left in Afghanistan as if you lot really care! You just want to be find anything to criticize biden because he's a Democrat.


13 US service men died, because your idiot Biden refused to let a drone shoot down a suicide jihadi bomber, when they had him in their sights. That has nothing to do with him being a democrat. That has to do with total incompetence. There is no excuse for that!


every article you read, remember they keep freaking you out about a 0.2% deth rate and a 99.79% survival rate


That's because the people with money and power are the exact demographic that dies from this disease. If it only killed poor, young people you wouldn't see this. Also for the sake of accuracy depending on your source the survival rate is between 97% and 99.75% so there is still a grey area around that.


You think people with money and power actually take this so called vaccine? If they get a shot at all, my money's on it just being saline solution.




Everything is propaganda to a closed minded individual!


it has a 99.79% survival rate


Good luck with all the boosters. Your arm will look like you're a heroin addict. Buy lots of long sleeve shirts.


Mu shu gai pan variant (Hahahaha!)

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