LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- As a supply chain crunch continues in the U.S., locally-owned appliance stores in the Las Vegas Valley are seeing steady business in their own way. 

Appliance Parts Center, located near Eastern Avenue and Bonanza Road, has been a family-run business for more than 40 years. Store manager Ernesto Zozaya said the biggest challenge he faces today is ordering parts and pricing. 

“I’m getting increase letters monthly from these distributors saying, 'Hey, we have a new price, there’s a price increase,'” Zozaya said.

Appliance Parts Center sells air conditioners and appliance parts. They offer advice for people trying to fix home appliances. The do-it-yourself parts center continues to see DIY clientele.

Zozaya said there's an eagerness from customers fixing their own appliances, which surged during the pandemic and continues to be an advantage to them.

appliance parts center

“From women to men, across the board, they are fixing it themselves. We depend on our customers as much as our customers depend on us, we’ll get through this," Zozaya said. 

Zozaya ordered a bulk of ductless air conditioning units and the soonest he was told they could arrive is the end of this year. 

“We were able to just weather the storm, so to speak, but we’re still going through it. Everything is still uncertain," Zozaya said. 

He suggests residents check their fireplaces and heating units as we head into the colder months.

At Manny's Discount Appliance on Main Street in downtown, owner Manuel Barba got creative when the pandemic hit. Since there was such a high demand for freezers he converted refrigerators into entire freezers.

“That was probably our life saver right there," Barba said.

Currently, he said he's seeing steady business from people buying refurbished appliances as they wait months for their new appliance to arrive. 

Barba's daughter Joanne handles the sales side.   

"If you want a new washer from Speed Queen or a new washer from GE, they don't have it in the store, it's six to eight weeks wait and that's just a guess. People get upset because I can't give you something specific but I'm not the one transferring it. Sometimes it's going to be 10, sometimes it's going to be 12. And things are just stuck overseas. But if we got one here for $180, it's a bargain, no it's not going to last forever but it's something to keep you afloat until your new one comes in," Joanne Barba said. 


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