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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Employees of MGM Resorts who are unvaccinated are now required to pay for on-site testing.

The program changes came Monday for one of Nevada's largest employers. 

"As of July 26, COVID-19 testing will transition to an ongoing cadence and any Las Vegas employee who is not designated in Workday as 'Home Office' for their location and does not have a vaccine verification sticker will be required to participate," an MGM spokesman said.

Testing groups are divided four ways by last name for testing, 

"Each group will be assigned a specific week for testing and validation ... Employees will be notified of which group is subject to testing and validation every week through Workday, My MGM, LEO and SHOWcase," the spokesman said.

Employees will be required to either pay a $15 co-pay for on-site testing, or obtain a PCR test elsewhere and upload the results into My MGM.

Employees who test positive or have close contact will be notified and required to quarantine. MGM said employees who are not fully vaccinated will not be paid for their time off during quarantine. 

On Wednesday afternoon, MGM CEO and President Bill Hornbuckle sent a letter to all staff, stating in part, "Our region’s low vaccination rate is putting us back on the path to overrun hospitals, unnecessary deaths, fewer tourists, and possible furloughs and layoffs."

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(17) comments


The evil politicians are flooding America with sick people and then blaming unvaccinated as "selfish" are just using the same blame and shame tactics as any other Communist dictator to turn people against each other to take more power.


Doesn’t anyone remember the contaminated coved tests ?


I will not be vaxxed !! I will see you in the Supreme Court ! A quick internet search will provide anybody access to attorneys willing to defend our 14th amendment rights ! And if any lefty judges try legislating from the bench we will go after them also ! We are many we just

Need to stand together ! People considering the vaccine please weigh all of the risks . And make sure the benefits outweigh the risks


Why aren’t all of the people entering our country being forced to vaccinate before being allowed entry !


Why are my comment deleted every time I mention the invasion of our border


Because this is a lib eral rag now


We have had four major pandemics in the last 100 years and we didn’t have a vaccine for any of them they did work on one during the last pandemic. The Hong Kong flu 1967 but by the time it was ready so few people were getting the virus 🦠 it wasn’t needed. Do some of your own research? Don’t just believe everything you hear ? Always ask your self how do you know what you know


I would like to know why I am being censored ? As I am writing informative comments to address this issue


This is outrageous! People study you histor


Thank you! So many brainwashed fake news sheep lining up to take an unapproved poison that contains a borted baby tissue...these people are pure e vil.


Sounds like another tax on the poor, since the Work From Home crowd is exempt. I won't be spending any money at MGM properties anytime soon.


This is the right move by MGM , so that people start to think about getting the vaccine. It is foolish not to get vaxxed.


Okay Commie-its foolish yo allow a corrupt government to force people to take an unapproved POISON for a job. YOURE THE FOOL


Surprised they didnt announce its only required by White people. MGM is a Communist company that hates America.


Everything done by MGM leaves Lenin and Marx rolling in their graves. I don't think it's possible for a casino to be communist. Our entire city is a monument to the pros and cons of capitalism.


Capitalism jas nothing to fo with FORCED POISON INJECTIONS


The vaccine also has nothing to do with forced poison injections.

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