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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- MGM Resorts International released its casino reopening plans Tuesday, with plans to screen employees and guests, a requirement for all employees to wear masks and physical distancing on property.

MGM Resorts broke down its plan into seven parts: screening, temperature checks and training; personal protective equipment; physical distancing; hand washing and sanitization; HVAC control and air quality; incident response protocols; and digital innovations.

“Preparing for the moment we can re-open our doors, MGM Resorts focused on developing a plan that puts health and safety at the center of everything we do," Acting CEO Bill Hornbuckle said in a statement. "Our ‘Seven-Point Safety Plan’ is the result of months of consultations with public health experts and outlines our comprehensive approach to welcoming guests back safely.

“Our properties will not look the way they used to for a while, and that’s not only okay, it’s critically important. We will continue providing the hospitality experiences we are known for, but we must do so safely. We will continue working with experts and following guidance from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and government officials and regulators as we evolve these protocols based on the latest information," Hornbuckle said.

MGM said they would screen employees and ask guests to "self-screen" for symptoms before coming on property. Temperature checks would be conducted on employees upon entering the facility, but not guests.

All MGM employees would be required to wear a mask while working and guests will be encouraged to wear a mask. MGM asks guests to refrain from eating on the casino floor and reduce the time drinking on the casino floor to limit time a guest may have to remove a mask.

For physical distancing, MGM said they would clearly mark the floor wherever possible to encourage six feet of distance. In areas where distancing isn't feasible, MGM said they would install plexiglass barriers on the casino floor and in lobbies.

Additional hand washing areas outside of bathrooms would be present throughout the property, MGM said. MGM also said cleaning would have an emphasis on high-touch areas with CDC and EPA-approved cleaning products.

MGM said they would enhance HVAC systems and adjust accordingly as new information about the spread of the virus is available, and the role of HVAC systems in the spread.

An incident response protocol is in place if an employee or guest were to test positive for coronavirus, according to MGM, which would include contact tracing and sanitization.

To reduce physical touch, MGM said they plan to implement other non-touch solutions, such as digital menus accessed via QR code and contactless check-in.

Click document for full MGM coronavirus reopening safety plan:

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I am very concerned about the manner in which the MGM Resorts are reopening. While I absolutely believe in social distancing; use of plexiglas, masks and gloves in food handling, I think the "line" most assuredly needs to be "drawn" when it comes to over zealous staff "encouraging" customers to wear masks. I also think it is a huge mistake to make customers uncomfortable with limitation on drinking at the bar - raising a mask up and down to do so? I don't think so. The other point of contention I have is that I believe restaurants are made for eating in - all these "pop up" fast food joints in casinos ARE A HUGE PROBLEM with people walking around eating and should have NEVER been encouraged in the FIRST PLACE. Keep eating separate from gambling; seriously flawed thinking when you don't. This was a mistake made and encouraged long ago in the casinos, so I doubt it will change but it remains? A MISTAKE. As a Las Vegan, if I continue to enjoy the casinos? I will absolutely be scrutinizing and IF MADE TO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE, will no longer visit that particular casino. I will take my money elsewhere...I might add? TOURISTS are going to be reluctant to be made to feel uncomfortable by TOO MANY if not UNREALISTIC restrictions IF resort management is not ULTRA-careful in this reopening.


The casinos are following the communist laws for reopening. And the idiotic distancing only proves that the sheople are stupid and being laughed at now by D.C. and the elite. Proving that any thing they tell those sheople, they will believe.

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