Mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman

Mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman on Wednesday called the closure of nonessential businesses in the city "total insanity."

While opening Wednesday's City Council Meeting, Mayor Goodman said that "this shutdown has become one of total insanity." Adding, "For there is no backup of data as to why we are shutdown from the start. No plan in place how to move through the shutdown or how to even come out of it."

Mayor Goodman said that according to experts who she has spoken to, the coronavirus is "not going away." 

"It's not going to be going away this month, next month, and much like the flu and other viruses that have impacted populations around the world, this virus, or a derivative there of, will be part of what we work through going forward," Mayor Goodman said.

Mayor Goodman went on to point out that Nevada is a state of 3.2 million people, with 2.6 million living in Southern Nevada, she said.

"Tragically, we have already lost, to this virus, 128 individuals in Nevada," she said. Goodman offered her sympathies and condolences to those who have lost friends and loves ones to the virus.

"But let me tell you, with a population of 3.2 million living in Nevada, those whom we have lost represent less than a half of one percent of our population, which has caused us to shut down our entire state and everything that makes Nevada unique," Mayor Goodman said.

Goodman emphasized that of the estimated 900,000 people who have lost their jobs, 300,000 have already filed for unemployment. "These are families that no longer have the ability to buy food for their children and other loved ones. Pay their bills. Pay their rent. Pay their mortgage. Pay their car payment. Or enjoy the life that they had prior to this shut down," she said.

"Small businesses and those on week-to-week paychecks have been forced to close. Entire savings that were invested in these small businesses are being lost or are have already been lost. Hotels and restaurants, our entire tourism and convention industry business, has been shut down," Goodman said. "It makes no sense. It makes no sense."

Mayor Goodman once again called for Gov. Sisolak to reopen the state of Nevada.

"From my perspective, we must open our city. We must open Southern Nevada and we must open the state of Nevada," Goodman said. "We can not live, going forward, with the medical and health industry telling us that this virus is going to be around longer than a month or two, maybe even a year."

"We can not keep our heads in the sand and think it's going to go away. We are adults with brains, who can know what to do, to wash our hands, to take all precautions not to spread this disease. But we can not put our heads in the sand and think it's going to go away."

"From my perspective, I am asking, open the city, open Clark County, open the state. For heaven's sake, for being closed is killing us already and killing Las Vegas, our industry, our convention and tourism business that we have all worked so hard to build. The longer we wait to do this, the more impossible it will be to recover and return to the home we all know and love," Goodman said. 

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(34) comments


If she wants to open everything up then her and trump should come here and do it themselves because people are mere important than money. She can say this in the comfort of all her safety locks like having doctor's when ever she wants Las Vegas will survive this with out going back to work. This virus isnt a hoax it is spreading faster that the black plague it is serious and her and trump beetle to know that. Over 40k deaths in 3 in a half months mayor is that what you want in Vegas


Crazy, senile old bat. Hope she doesn't get a bed in the ICU when she inevitably contracts the coronavirus. Such a stupid thing to say. Nevadans hope you're listening. This stupid woman sees us as expendable. "Profits over people." - Carolyn Goodman

Kimberly G.

We love Mayor Goodman and she is a smart lady ! We agree with her and want our city open now ! Sisolak must think we're stupid or something. We know how to be safe and keep others at risk safe. We all need to go back to work and support the businesses in Nevada now !!


Don't bunch me up with you obviously have to much faith in people because yes people and adults are dumb NEWS FLASH we are on a lock down and covid-19 is still spreading like crazy here even with a lockdown in place N.Y had over 700 people die a day consecutively for 10 days because they didn't lock down as fast as Nevada and she complained about people not being accepted for unemployment well instead of trying to infect more people she should be mad at unemployment and not Steve sisolak


The things she mentioned NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND will be coming to Vegas anytime soon for! She said being closed is killing us already and killing Las Vegas, our industry, our convention and tourism business that we have all worked so hard to build


The mayor should declare the city open for business and dare the governor to do anything about it. Then she should run for governor.


I really do hope everything reopens so I can see you and your family in the hospital dieing due to corona have fun😀


Diabolical DemocRats:

Failed at "Russian Collusion"

Failed at "QudProQuo" Impeachment Scam

China lost the Trade War

Trumps message at the Rally was "Your 401K had doubled and The United States Would Never Be a Socialist Country"

So, The Dems and China released the disease-

401K cut in half over night

Socialist Governors stripping freedom, food and introducing "Mail In Voting" GdDamn Ba stards. They should all go to Gitmo- Shitff, Obozo, Pill-osi, Schumer, Biden and the rest of Obozos criminal gang.


I always so enjoy your posts.


Substitute the word "flu" for coronavirus. This pandemic is turning in to a mild flu season. If you're old, or have underlying conditions, stay home and out of the casinos and convention center. Otherwise, you might get sick, and you'll be down for about 10 days, and then you'll be back, immune, and will be able to give your plasma to those infected and front line health care workers. Why is this not obvious to people?


As a healthcare worker being at the bedside and working so closely with this horrible virus, this is a bad idea. People have so much confidence in what they are saying like “media hyped virus” ... sad it’s not media hyped better do some credible research and take a look around you! I don’t understand how people have so much to say about COVID-19, when the “experts” themselves don’t have enough answers except the obvious! I get wanting to reopen but don’t be foolish!!!!!!!


yea, and totally necessary... everyone who wants to reopen it, I first invite you to get your entire family infected THEN see who lives then reopen...


I totally agree OPEN THIS COUNTRY BACK UP! Do NOT let the Democrats win this. They're the ones that want to destroy this country because of their hatred for President Trump. I know of no one with the virus and no friends or family have it either. This is malarkey. Being used by George Soro's and Pelosi to ruin President Trump and destroy him. Soro's wants Communism and Socialism.


Kimberly G.

Great comments !


This board is stating my post is spam. Really? I don't think so! I have always posted on here before. What gives? A Republican NOT allowed to speak up?


Many great comments on why we should keep Vegas shut down. Lets wait and see how Sisolak is going to get out of this one. He totally wasn't prepared for this situation that was put upon him. My neighbor hasn't been able to file for unemployment since March 20th. The phones are busy and the day he got through was on hold for 5 hours then a message came up after holding and said "the system has taken all the calls for the day try again tomorrow.". Website is alwats freezing up or resetting. Everyone says be patient and we will get things working. Well some fortunate people are getting paid and others are not. As we can see the ones who are getting paid say be patient. Families to feed everyday and bills to pay.

Ok the NV energy giving you an extension on bill but you have to still pay it. Same goes for you phone bill. Lets get back to the children. Can you say be patient when they are hungry. Tell your children this and see how they respond. Rent is another issue here. Ok you cannot get evicted but still have to pay the rent when they lift the restrictions so how can you not think about these things right here and now. Is this free rent like others have implied over the past few weeks. Maybe Sisolak should give out rent vouchers to people. Bring in your lease to his office and they will write you a check because you cannot go to work because the state is shut down. He still is getting paid and has free rent. No pressure on him for bills. A few posts have a great situation and really no pressure on the authors. Trade places with the person like my friend and others here in Vegas going through the same thing. No unemployment bills are piling up and no incoeme. Walls are closing very fast here in Vegas for many people The health care workers here across the country and locally are doing a great job. All the social services are also doing a fine job along with local business. The Virus has been a really terrible thing across the world. Lead follow or get out of the way. The Mayor is stepping up and trying to be a leader not a follower here in the state of Nevada. People should be clean already,and be aware of there surroundings. If your sick stay home. Vegas is overdue to open up casinos have been clean for years. If you don't like it and fear something bad is coming your way that's okay stay home. Have a nice day..


Thank you Mayor for stating what so many are thinking! At least you have the courage to get the issue on the table. We cannot simply hunker down for the next year and rely on printed money handed out. Yes, people will die. Let's plan on a method to mitigate the deaths by protecting the nursing homes, protecting those at high risk, and developing new protocol for social distancing while businesses reopen. Wear masks, wash your hands, keep safe distances, increase sanitation at all businesses, and stay home if you are sick. But let's open back up our businesses that pay taxes and keep this State funding essential services.


Nobody is forcing you to go out. We need to get this city back open. AIDS/HIV are still killing millions. The Flu kills thousands each year. But we close for a media hyped virus?? And we call this "the battle born" state lmao. What a joke. Open us back up. If you dont like it, stay home and go broke on your own. Deaths going to find you and your entire family. Virus or no virus.


does she know what is the difference between flu and coronavirus? she made herself sound she doesnt have any medial knowledge.

When should vegas be close down? losing people like new york???? if one of her family memebers died, will she feel the necessarity of closing down vegas ? That is lucky vegas got closed down early or it will b too late !! If vegas becomes like another new york, will she go to hospital to serve the patients? she will be just at home speaking nonsense just like now again and blaming other people . If vegas become another new york, can we send you to hospital to serve? will you just quit your position? your speaking miss wisdom and insane and not life-respecting. If vegas got reopened, please come down to casino to work and stop sitting in your office but come out to work in casino !


Open Up Nevada!! Thank you Mayor!!

Voice of Reason

I see her friends and family members stopped by to support her and her crazy statements. She needs to retire, what greed and selfishness, she obviously isn't thinking clearly or even considering anyone other than herself...nothing new.....isn't it time to elect someone who actually cares about those who live here. NEWSFLASH Ms. Mayor....The people who are without a job right now are getting unemployment....maybe do your research husband, myself, my mother, aunt, nephews and brother in law are all off work atm and every one of us are thrilled to be keeping our families safe and even if unemployment isn't covering all of our salary.....we are home, safe and not coming into contact with someone from other states, risking illness or worse to feed ourselves...we will take the pay cut to save our families. Btw, Nevadas numbers would be MUCH higher if our governor hadn't made the decisions he made in the beginning, he looked out for the residents of this state instead of profits. This now has nothing to do with YOU, you were ready to let tourists from everywhere come to Vegas 8-10 days after this thing started, so nobody takes anything you say regarding this situation seriously now. You made your bed. You are a politician that has lost any sense of compassion or morality, you will be safe regardless of the fact that you want to throw the workers to the wolves, so why should it bother you? Those poor people that lost their lives already have died in vain because you seem to think there ARE acceptable losses, how insulting to their families that their mayor seems to not be taking this seriously?????? What about the infected tourists who come here and kill our casino workers because YOU seem to think you know better than world wide health experts? Are YOU willing to go deal cards or serve beverages somewhere without a mask because this is just a normal flu to you? This whole situation has proved that you don't care at all about the people who live in Southern Nevada, never has never will. Forget the people in NYC who have died BECAUSE they didn't follow the strict closures and social distancing. Forget ITALY. Guarantee that you won't be anywhere near the front lines of ANY tourist area once the state opens won't risk her or her families health, she will stay nice and safe in her big office or home, sending the rest of us out to infect ourselves or our families. Why not make a statement mayor? Go administer Covid-19 tests to the people who have a fever and symptoms without a mask??? GO ahead, won't do it will you? Thats because people can carry this and either show some symptoms or not show symptoms until they infect someone dangerous for ya? But yet you are willing to put thousands of workers on the strip with no masks or gloves....RIGHT? I've never seen something so sickening while innocent people are DYING. She needs to go, no reason for her to be anywhere near politics or decision making, the people and families in Southern Nevada deserve better. I may not be our governors biggest fan, but he is putting the lives and health of the people in Nevada ahead of big business and tourism, he did the right thing and the 'mayor' can't stand it. She needs to stick to cutting ribbons, being a talking head and leave the real decisions to proven leaders. Our 'mayor' is exactly the type of person that gives Southern Nevada a bad name, no morality always looking for that fast buck at any cost.


People have been dying since then dawn of mankind lmao. You can't run from death.


Voice of reason? More like, Voice Of Communism- You sound like a Gates Foundation Employee.

Kimberly G.

Wow, you obviously need to quarantine yourself and maybe talk to someone. You seem very paranoid. Mayor Goodman is a brilliant lady and loves freedom as do many of us in Vegas. Would love to see her run for Governor. Stop with your ranting and get some help. We need to go back to work.


No wrong idea we should be lockdown all of us...didnt u see what’s happening everyday theres and infected person...if we open this businesses there will more infected people...the govt should do a total lockdown to stop the virus...

Larry Botkin

The death rate for coronavirus-19 is 4.1% in the United States and 14.7% in the United Kingdom. The mayor stated there are 3.1 million people in the Metro. That means a death count of between 150,000 to 500,000. Is she crazy? Does anyone sane actually think anyone will be coming to Las Vegas to eat, drink, gamble and die?


Exactly she is not thinking right... it will get worst and will hard time to recover if theres more infected people in vegas she is not thinking clearly... she probably forgot that this enemy cant be seen...we should be in total

Lockdown before it get worst


Ok, during your 'total lockdown', who is going to produce anything to keep society running? You must be relying on the government to send us money every month to take care of us. It doesn't work that way. Our government is not only broke, but $22 trillion in debt. Wake up!


You realize that your mortality rates are COMPLETELY wrong right Larry? The best estimate scientists can give right now is between .1% and 1%. Just a little worse than the common flu.


TrumpBeliever, it is a bit more than the "common flu" to people like me, who is 68 years old and with 2 lung diseases. It's death if I get it, along with so many others who have died. It wasn't just the flu to them.


Its death for you if you get ANY sickness. This isn't anything special. Keep yourself home. Go broke.


How do you know the death rate? You do not know the denominator. No one does. I am fine stating facts, just make sure you actually know what the facts are before spreading misinformation.




She is right. It is time to let businesses open and practice social distancing.

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