LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- All Nevadans older than 16 are eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine starting on April 5.

To prepare for the expected influx of Southern Nevadans heading to mass vaccination sites, the UNLV site has added more vaccinators over the last month.

The site at UNLV's student union is open to all eligible Southern Nevadans. Monday afternoon, there was no line to receive the Moderna vaccine. Some eligible people showed up to get in before next week.

"I just wanted to get it as soon as possible. Sooner the better before the rush comes," Paul Stanik, who received his first dose Monday, said.

To prepare to handle more people at the site, UNLV has also added more registration tables to check people in. The site used to have 15 vaccination stations, but now it has 25. Nursing and medical students, in addition to volunteer RNs, are administering the vaccines at the site.

"We are looking forward to a week from today when there are no more restrictions," Dr. Michael Gardner said.

Gardner runs the site at UNLV. He said they have plenty of volunteers, but he worries not enough people will show up with the doses open for all.

"My biggest worry has always been that too many people are still unwilling to take it," Gardner said.

UNLV Medicine/Facebook

(UNLV Medicine/Facebook)

Even if you're not eligible until April 5, you can book your appointment now online to get a spot for next week at UNLV.

The mass vaccination site at Cashman Center vaccinated 6,000 southern Nevadans on Saturday. A site spokesman said they are expecting a rush next week, but expect same day appointments will still be available next week. The Cashman site can administer 7,000 shots every day.

Gardner said his site's goal is to inoculate at least 10,000 southern Nevadans next week.

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