Jones, Keonte

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police on Tuesday arrested a man who allegedly live streamed a stunt that led to the death of a local homeless man. 

On June 20, 28-year-old Keonte Jones is accused of filming 55-year-old Larry Coner performing a backflip, which he landed on his neck in the 700 block of West Owens Avenue. Before the stunt, police said Coner approached Jones asking for money, and Jones "goaded" Coner into performing the backflip for $6. 

The incident was live on social media, showing Jones continuing to laugh after the injury. He streamed for 10 minutes while telling onlookers to not call for medical assistance, police said. 

Coner was transported to University Medical Center and died of a spinal injury ten days after the incident on June 30. 

The incident was brought to the attention of the LVMPD by Coner's family. Police investigated the video depicting the incident that led to Coner's death. 

Jones was charged with willful disregard of a person's safety. 

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SHE WAS a reporter a news about threes free food today


no respect one of your employees showing on the news. with a dress and TENNIS SHOES VERY DISRESPECTFUL WITH THE AUDIENCE


We are losing our humanity, when people stand around taking pictures of somebody dying.


Keonte,sounds kinda Ethiopian? Never a dull moment with the homeless & 13/90 crowd ! Must be to hot to bees looting?


Cell phones have exposed the monsters among us. zero compassion , just looking for attention at any expense. Disgusting

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