LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Alvina Burns was getting ready for the most exciting year of her life. She was planning a wedding and planning on starting a family. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic brought her life to a screeching halt.

"I was crying. I didn't want to cancel or put on hold my IVF cycle, " Burns said. "I didn't want to cancel the wedding."

She added, "2020 was supposed to be it. Now, I'm ready to throw 2020 away," Burns said laughing.

Burns and her fiance Devin are among the millions of couples affected by infertility. They've dealt with crushing disappointment, anger, loneliness and the ultimate heartbreak, a miscarriage.

"The emotions are very hard, the ups and downs, " Burns said. "I see pregnant women and envy them. I love them, but I want that, and I'm not getting that."

Alvina and Devin finally got some good news on Valentine's Day this year. The Nevada Fertility Center had selected them to receive a free cycle of IVF. The gift was worth $10,000 and would allow the couple their best chance at getting pregnant.

"I was crying. It was shocking that we got a phone call at 8:00 at night and they told us you won first prize!" Burns said. "You serious? We won 1st place!"

The euphoria of that night was ripped away by another phone call that came a few weeks Later. Burns was being laid off from her job at Planet Hollywood. Reality quickly set in for the couple. The wedding and the IVF cycle would have to be put on hold. Right now, Devin is working two jobs to pay the bills and Alvina is counting the day till she can get back to work.

It's National Infertility Awareness week, something that impacts about 15% of all couples. Burns knows the pain and frustration all too well.

"Very draining, the anxiety, the depression. I just want women and men to know you're not alone," Burns said.

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