LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Concerns about making rent payments and other bills are now front of mind for bar employees after Governor Sisolak ordered bars to close on Friday.

“I just got my daughters college tuition bill in the mail yesterday so you can imagine how much more it hurts,” said Spencer Briton, a bartender at Distill Henderson.

Gaming is a big part of sitting at the bar top and employees say that could affect gratuity.

“I just got my daughters college tuition bill in the mail yesterday so you can imagine how much more it hurts,” said Briton.

Other Distill employees with families said they are keeping the bad new to themselves as long as they can.

“I need to go home and I need to pretend for my little boy that everything is going to be ok. And I ned to wake up tomorrow and reassure myself that I am going to be ok,” said Distill bartender Tambra hill.

Staff say changes to the bar will be minimal since social distancing guidelines have been in place for weeks.

“I believe we will pull the seats from the bar. I don’t think much else will change we already have the tables set up to be socially distanced,” said Jeannie Lewis, general manager at Distill Henderson.

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Can we see the metrics of some indication that the bars being opened are the reason for the “spike”. A little science goes a long way, please give us answers rather than just saying this is not political. When a politician feels that have to say it’s not political, it tells me it’s political. These bar owners and bartenders can’t be the only ones spreading the Virus ?


Here is an article that should provide some of the answers you are looking for. It is from 2013, but it explains some of the problems with airborne viral transmission and the difficulties of acquireing the numbers you are looking for.


All part of the Plandemic to break us financially physically and mentally Democrats are scum. They want us all BROKE and begging for welfare. Sisolak is a sociopath and a loser..He can only get reelected by voter fraud so expect him to close voting in November "for your health"


Countdown til Sisolak is TERMINATED.

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