LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County School District students go back to school in less than two months.

It's still not clear what that will look like but CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara proposed a hybrid learning model. If it passes, students will go to class twice a week and learn online three days a week. 

Kristan Nigro said she has a lot of questions about Jara's plan. The last time she was in her kindergarten class at Schorr Elementary School she was abruptly switching to distant learning.

Nigro said she’s worried some of the same struggles she dealt with in the spring will carry over to the fall.

"I had about four or five of my students that weren’t able to get on whether it be connectivity issues, lack of technology ... I called, emailed, ClassDojo'd, a whole bunch of things but I was never able to make contact," said Nigro. 

About 70,000 CCSD students don't have access to Wi-Fi. 

"Is that equitable for these kids? It’s not their fault they don’t have these things in order to complete the assignments and be able to get online."

Nigro said first grade teachers at her school have reached out to her, trying to prepare for learning gaps.

"We were not suppose to be teaching new standards everything was review so all those standards from March 6th and up that we were suppose to teach, we didn’t get a chance to," said Nigro. 

She said there are certain issues unique to kindergartners.

"You are training that child to really be a student because they don’t understand that there is boundaries within the classroom. So being able to actually teach them how to sit in a seat and walk in line. And there’s a whole other world when you’re starting to deal with academics and only having two days a week to try to do that - it’s a nightmare," said Nigro. 

She said her class is hands on and students learn through making and building things. 

"How is that going to happen? I will not be able to achieve that in a distance learning model." 

Kids at that age don’t really understand how to be “hands-off." "They won’t be maintaining social distancing guidelines and things like that because they don’t understand. The maturation piece is not there yet." 

Nigro said she appreciates Jara’s proposal but said she wants more specific details about English language learners, special education, kindergarten and preschool.

"There’s a lot of unanswered questions and I think that’s what’s making people stressed." 

The CCSD School Board will vote on Jara's proposal next week. 

dr jara

Dr. Jesus Jara on Aug. 27, 2019. (FOX5)

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