Ride hailing Outstanding Recalls

FILE - In this Jan. 12, 2016, file photo, a ride share car displays Lyft and Uber stickers on its front windshield. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport is warning travelers of unofficial drivers in the rideshare pickup area.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport is warning travelers of unofficial drivers in the rideshare pickup area.

The airport says these drivers in the rideshare area are capitalizing on long wait times and may not be linked to Uber, Lyft or a taxi company.

A spokesman for the airport said the drivers will display one or more rideshare decals, but are looking to arrange rides outside the app. 

"One of the more common tactics we are seeing is that drivers claim to have had a ride that was cancelled, and then offer a cash ride to those in the waiting area," said McCarran spokesman Joseph Rajchel.

He said the airport's patrol team is issuing citations as they catch people attempting to do this, as it is a violation of Clark County code.

McCarran officials warn of unverified drivers soliciting rides.

Unofficial drivers pose a safety risk since they have not gone through the background checks Uber and Lyft require before hiring drivers. 

“Unfortunately we are seeing people trying to take advantage of there being less cars out on the road and offering rides to people for cash," Rajchel said. “It’s about safety. Make sure you only accept a ride that either you have scheduled or through a verified taxi, limo, something that will keep you safe.”

McCarran recommends never accepting rides from anyone who approaches you within the terminal or garage. Instead, find your taxi in the designated queuing areas near baggage claim, or use the official Lyft or Uber app. 


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All the city needs to do is bring back surge pricing and all is good;) Drivers will be back and the city can spend resources elsewhere;)


You can expect more of this as drivers are getting screwed by the city and state along with Lyft and Uber! it was just a matter of time before people just pick up people on the strip for quick cash and I don't blame them!

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