Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Amid harsh criticism, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman called for reopening the city on CNN on Wednesday.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman spoke on a wide range of topics surrounding the coronavirus pandemic in a CNN interview Wednesday, including her continued assertion to reopen the state and saying Las Vegas "isn't China."

Among many topics discussed with CNN's Anderson Cooper Wednesday afternoon, Goodman said she believed she was sick with coronavirus in January and is now hoping to donate her plasma to help those currently battling the virus.

"As someone who's pretty sure she possibly had it in January, I've already been into the hospital to say, 'Take my plasma.'" Goodman told Cooper.

Goodman didn't elaborate on if she was tested for COVID-19.

"I do not have any information on the mayor’s medical history, and if I did I could not release that due to federal HIPPA [sic] regulations," said City of Las Vegas spokesman Jace Radke in response.


Cooper brought up a Chinese study on how coronavirus spreads in a restaurant setting in reference to Goodman's continued call to reopen Nevada. Goodman responded saying, "This isn't China. This is Las Vegas, Nevada."

"Wow. Okay, that's really ignorant," Cooper said.

"That's ignorant to say?" Goodman replied.

Cooper went on the explain the study, saying, "This is a restaurant. Yes, it's in China, but they're human beings too." Goodman brushed off the study, citing the Legionnaires outbreak in 1976. Goodman also said the city has seen Ebola and West Nile.

"You didn't have people with Ebola on a casino floor," Cooper said.

"Well we don't know that," Goodman replied.


Cooper told Goodman that many scientists are citing the need for additional testing, contact tracing and personal protective equipment before reopening. When Cooper asked what Goodman was doing as mayor in regards to contact tracing and accessible testing, Goodman said it wasn't her responsibility.

"It's not part of our job," Goodman said. "That's part of our health department, part of our hospital jobs, our labs, those are the ones with the experience."

"My days are so full, Goodman continued. "I am everywhere in this city trying to hold the hands of families and everyone else to get them back to work so they can pay for the food for their children and keep a roof over their head.

Clark County, Gov. Sisolak and others pushed back after Mayor Goodman's CNN interview on Wednesday.

"You're offering nothing other than being a cheerleader," Cooper said, in reference to Goodman's calls for action. "Do you not have any sense of responsibility if you're calling for something to at least try to work to make it as safe as possible?"

Goodman said she speaks with casino owners in the City of Las Vegas every day regarding the shutdown.

"You're talking disease, I'm talking life," Goodman said. "I'm talking life and living."


Cooper pressed Goodman on a recent assertion that businesses could "compete" for customers once reopened.

"Let the businesses open. If it becomes a vector for viral infection and those people go back to their states and around the world, so be it?" Cooper asked.

"It's a responsibility of each one of us as a human being and part of the civilized world to know when we're sick, we don't do bad things to people." Goodman said.

"With no timeline, no treatment, and no cure, no vaccine, this could go on for months, maybe even a year," Goodman said.

In a one-on-one interview, Carolyn Goodman shared her thoughts on why Las Vegas should open up.


When Cooper asked if social distancing has worked in Southern Nevada, Goodman said she "didn't know" because there hasn't been a control group yet to know if it has worked.

Cooper asked if Goodman would volunteer to go to casinos "every night" if they were to reopen and "put her life on the line."

"First of all, I have a family," Goodman said. "I don't gamble. I work seven days a week."

"We're not getting the truth," Goodman said. We're going back to the 1950s with the atomic bomb. 'Don't worry about testing in Nevada. You'll all be fine, take a shower.'"

Cooper replied, "You're the one saying we'll all be fine."

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman appeared on Fox News on Tuesday.


"The mayor’s office has been bombarded with calls of those in support and against her position asking the governor to reopen Las Vegas," said city spokesman Jace Radke when asked about reports the phone line had been shut down.

"There are only so many staffers in there answering the phone, so if they are tied up it goes to voicemail. The mayor’s office listens to the voicemails and passes the messages to the mayor. People can also email," he said.



“We have to listen to the scientists and right now they tell us we must continue to stay at home as much as possible,” said Congresswoman Dina Titus. “Businesses in Las Vegas will only be able to recover if we take this pandemic seriously. The Mayor does not represent the Las Vegas Strip, literally or figuratively.”


“I understand that people are frustrated, but we must be patient. If we’re not patient, then we risk a lot more sicknesses, a lot more deaths and we risk the very real danger of our health care system being overwhelmed. None of us who have been engaged in this conversation want to risk that and we certainly don’t want to be a “control group” for some out-of-left-field school science project. Public health and safety has to be everyone’s top priority. Most of the people in our community have taken this issue very seriously by practicing social distancing and limiting their interactions with others. As a result,  we have been able to slow the spread of the virus. However, we know that we need to be careful with the reopening of our local economy. Doing so too soon and without appropriate protective measures in place would put us all in danger. Our governor has taken a very reasonable approach to this issue and intends to follow the advice of the federal government and Nevada medical professionals. Soon, we’ll be able to invite the world back to our city but that time isn’t here yet.” - Marilyn Kirkpatrick, chairwoman of the Clark County Commission.

County Commissioner Michael Naft said Goodman's defiance is "reckless and dangerous":

Mayor Goodman’s defiance of Governor Sisolak’s stay-at-home order is reckless and dangerous. We ALL want to re-open as soon as possible. This includes the leadership of Clark County, which is home to 2.3 million residents and is the local jurisdiction over Nevada's economic engine, the Las Vegas Strip.

Unfortunately, every expert and every indicator says we are not there yet. Lifting the quarantine too soon would be a slap in the face of all Nevadans, especially our front-line workers who have sacrificed so much for the greater good.

I implore the Mayor to listen to the medical experts, to the Governor, and to all Nevadans who are focused on economic recovery, as soon as it is medically sound.


The Culinary Union said in Las Vegas, 11 members of the union have died from COVID-19. 

"The Mayor’s statements are outrageous considering essential frontline workers have been dealing with the consequences of this crisis firsthand," said Culinary spokesperson Geoconda Argüello-Kline.

Argüello-Kline said health and safety is their priority. "We want people back to work, but it has to be safe and secure and we don’t want workers to be part of an experiment. Workplaces need to be safe and healthy - not a Petri dish."

The Las Vegas Strip is out of Goodman's jurisdiction, Argüello-Kline reminded, and said Goodman doesn't represent workers employed there.

"What the Mayor of Las Vegas can do to help is to encourage the casino companies to pay their workers during entire closure," Argüello-Kline said. 

The Culinary Union supports the Governor Sisolak’s plans to protect Nevadans. We encourage listening to health experts and scientists.

The Culinary Union is majority women and people of color, and we are not expendable. Workers will be the reason we get through this pandemic and workers have to be protected. We demand it. - Geoconda Argüello-Kline


After the interview aired on CNN just before noon, social media reacted swiftly to Goodman's comments, leading to Las Vegas as the top trending topic on Twitter. 

Las Vegas native and comedian Jimmy Kimmel called on Goodman to resign.

After retweeting clips of the interview, comedian Judd Apatow quote-tweeted an older clip of Goodman discussing the coronavirus, calling her an idiot.

MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid reacted to Goodman's comments about having a "control group" to test the deadliness of the coronavirus, saying the working class and by association minorities would be largely impacted by Goodman's suggestion.

Political consultant John Aravosis said called the interview "insane," saying his favorite part was Goodman's assertion that she doesn't like gambling.

Here are some other reactions to Goodman's interview:

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore says she supports Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

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(33) comments

Voz de Razon

How about this?

Everyone who is trembling under their beds, terrified of a virus with LESS than 1% mortality, can just stay under their beds forever and not dictate how to NOT live to those of us who WANT to live?

If you're that scared, stay there but let the rest of us live life and be productive.


Cooper is a D-bag and no match for Carolyn Goodman. The casinos have now had weeks to determine the best course of action to make their business safe and have a massive pile of money to make it happen.

Freedom is what we want and if that means the option to stay safe or move freely on the strip. Regardless I want to make that decison myself.

Voz de Razon

Great points


You can always count on the republican response to be name calling and mostly nonsense. So far they've called us Coward, Sheople, Snowflake, Communist, Raging Lunatic and more I probably missed.

Turn off Fox news Grandpa and listen to Dr. Fauci, y'all can get back to being racist losers again after the pandemic.

Voz de Razon

Or...... we could get life going and you can cower under your bed forever.

Ironically, odds are at least even that you yourself have already had this overblown scary virus you're so afraid of.


I can't get over the cowards on this post! What a world we live in! Holy Moly! Afraid to step out and try life again? I am on Team Goodman. And yes, we will be voting Sisolak OUT and voting for President Trump AGAIN.

Voz de Razon

I'm right there with you.


Lol, we have a Sheppard (Caroline) and her herd (a bunch of stimulus grabbing sheep) cult loving, conspiracy brain washed A holes following like little lambs with no brain, without any facts. Maybe get your ignorate head out of the sand weirdos


“Without facts and data you are just another person with an opinion”. Agreed. The discourse in the comment section has the latter, but unfortunately not the ‘facts and data’. I am not a Cooper fan, but he brought facts and data and Mayor Goodman did not, nor did she use logic to dispute them. A significant portion of infected people are asymptotic, so they cannot always be expected to “know when we’re sick”. As Americans we are entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts...let’s at least aspire to have better conversation and mindset than applied here.


You do realize that there IS no REAL virus? It has ALL been PLANNED out by Obama, Soro's, just to name a few. Mandatory vaccines are being talked about. Now, if that does NOT scare you. Then YOU are the problem.


I am not sure if this was a sarcastic response or you seriously believe that there’s no real virus. I work in the life sciences industry (the one that eradicated polio and smallpox among other previously fatal diseases), and I can assure you that there is a real virus. If you are serious about your assertions, then I would be happy to facilitate a conversation with my very conservative/libertarian friend whose’s father is in the ICU dealing with a COVID infection. My hope is that you can focus some of your energy on appreciating the millions of people in the front lines that are tirelessly working as part of the solution without undermining them by suggesting that there is no real virus.


Thank God for smart people.


#1 Trending Twitter topic - Racist, ignorant and mentally defective Las Vegas Republican Mayor Goodman.

What an embarrassment, as usual, Republicans have shown they are not qualified to govern.


She is not a Republican! But being a snowflake, Smokey, keep moki

She is not a Republican! But you keep on believing the lies. Liberals can never think for themselves. That's why they are sheeples. Enjoy your socialistic life.


Shes NOT Republican you dolt! 22nd Mayor of Las Vegas


Assumed office

July 6, 2011

Preceded by Oscar Goodman

Personal details

Born Carolyn Goldmark

March 25, 1939 (age 81)

New York, New York, U.S.

Political party Independent

Spouse(s) Oscar Goodman (m. 1962)

Children 4, including Ross

Education Bryn Mawr College (BA)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (MS)


Communist news at it's best. They are saying what they are told by the controllers


You've got that right! This was ALL planned by Soro's and Gang. We also know that China did this to hurt the country and they're waiting at the side lines to take over this country. We can NOT let it happen. We must get this country back on its feet BEFORE they try stepping in. And now, Iran is making threats. Be careful of what you wish for folks.....

You do NOT want China stepping in and taking over the WORLD and that is what they were slowly doing BEFORE President Trump. Thank God for President Trump and we WILL be voting for him again.


Thank God for Carolyn Goodman.


Fellow Nevadans, Mayor Goodman is not an epidemiologist and unqualified to provide any opinion here.

Covid-19 doesn't care if you are a low iq Republican or a Pot smoking Liberal. You can spread the disease for a week or longer before showing any symptoms.

If there are 5 people at a Blackjack table and one has been infected its it likely all players, dealer and the floor will be exposed. Anderson tried to explain this but the ignorance is deep with her.

Stay home, listen to the experts. Vegas Strong.


I put you in the sheople group


Well said, though unfortunately it did not get the same attention as the less informed and divisive comments. At least the “facts and data” message on her desk can be used to explain irony.


I there are 5 people at the blackjack table and you don't feel comfortable, just keep on going, or wear a mask. It's freedom we want, not games


First off, Anderson Cooper is a raging lunatic, yes man for the left. Notice the same people that perpetuated Russian collusion for 3 years, are the same ones against opening up. Mayor Goodman, you have my vote for Governor.


Oh hey look! I spotted the low IQ Trump Suppoter!


A sheople group person also


Learn how to spell sheople


You the dipshit


@MicheleR58 did you really just use profanity in an attack on a person when the message board rules clearly state to be nice and keep it clean? It’s ok to have different views and discuss them - it does not require personal attacks and profanity.



Anyways, sorry to tell you this, but your idiot mayor will NEVER be a governor after the world has seen how moronic she is. Go do the world and go drink the special kool-aid.


Collect your welfare and don't forget to visit your kids in the correctional institute. Your world and my world are two completely different places.


This woman is ignorant, no matter how you slice it. Even if Sean Hannity interviewed her, the result would be the same. Yes, you want to keep people employed, but don't you think inviting hundreds of thousand of people into close quarters of casinos and restaurants will only make things worse? Re-opening now will just mean no vistiors for another year rather than another few months. Dumb woman.


Ours too.


Exactly! That Commie pedo Cooper is a disgrace.

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