LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- After a tumultuous year for many Las Vegas residents, Mayor Carolyn Goodman expressed hope in her annual State of the City address Thursday, which was delivered virtually.

"We do look forward to this new year in 2021, hoping to welcome everyone back to the real Las Vegas, restoring what was a booming economy just a year ago,” said Goodman.

In her address Goodman said it's been a hard year for the city, but thanked city staff and local business owners for meeting the demands of new health protocols.

"We have followed mandated guidelines that have been passed down from the state, and we continue to work with our business community to ensure all precautions are being taken,” said Goodman.

She highlighted some city-led responses to the pandemic, including cleaning procedures.

"The city reallocated many of its staff to work cleaning parks as part of the Healthy Parks program,” said Goodman.

She also praised the county-city $8.5 million ISO-Q Complex at Cashman Field.

"The complex, created and made operative in a record three weeks time, served 245 people from April through June, providing a safe space for individuals experiencing homelessness who needed to be housed and quarantined,” said Goodman.

Among technology advancements, public safety achievements and education efforts, she discussed various new projects.

"Also of great interest is what's on the horizon for the Cashman Field Complex in the heart of the city,” said Goodman. “City and Councilman Crear continue to work with the renaissance companies in an exclusive negotiating agreement to build a new, entertainment, sports, technology, retail and residential complex."

She gave special mention to major road improvement project.

""We are also well underway in the largest public works project in the history of our city's hub: the $109 million Las Vegas Boulevard Improvement Project -- which stretches from Sahara Avenue North to US-95."

Additionally, she said the recent opening of Circa Hotel and Casino will kick off -- in her words –" a banner year for downtown Las Vegas.”

"Circa pays homage to vintage Vegas simultaneously with all the latest in technology, features, and amenities, making it a must-visit destination in Nevada for everyone."

One Las Vegas resident we spoke to says she felt the speech felt like a commercial.

"To give a public commercial for the hotels -- it wasn't for us, it wasn't for the people that don't have a job right now,” said Las Vegan Joyce Perez. “They’re not addressing the people in need and what's going on with the hunger and the no jobs and the not getting the unemployment checks and the assistance that they need."

Another Vegas resident, Tara McPherson McKnight, responded saying, "Visitors equal jobs and tax money."

On the other hand, another Las Vegas local said he felt Mayor Goodman's speech was effective.

"Especially in this time now where there's so much negativity with the pandemic, and the shutdowns and everything that's going on, she did a very good job of highlighting the growth of our city, with the incoming of medical and technology and education, and kind of took it a little bit away from the gaming side,” said Las Vegan Dennis James.

And a fourth Las Vegan we spoke to, Amanda Barker, said she felt Goodman showed compassion for her constituents throughout the address, telling us, "I see a woman trying to help her community and getting no help from Sisolak. Its honestly sad to see."

While Goodman didn't dive into vaccines or testing, she did voice optimism.

"We're ready to welcome the world back to the place they -- and we – love: Las Vegas," said Goodman.

Click here to watch the full address.

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Did she talk to the boss man Sisolak about this? Cause he wants to keep us all under control.


Have you left your home yet? You seem like a very scared man! I've not seen anyone in a store without a mask or following guidlines, but yet your acting like a tough man? I'm still waiting on meeting a tough man like you in a store without their mask on so I can show them what a real man is! 12 months later and I'm still waiting! Bunch on comment warriors with no balls to come up against a real man


Is that you Hillary?


I am not a tree hugger or a Democrat I'm just someone who believes in science and common sense who thinks that people like you that turn a public health crisis into some conspiracy theory nonsense The Governor is listening to what the scientists are suggesting. So shut up you fool.!


The seems to be two sets of theories. Scientists who are for masking and scientists that say the masks don't work. If smoke particles can go through the masks, so can the virus since its particles are much smaller. But you can believe your scientists. I, for one, will continue to believe mine. Sisolak will continue with keeping the state shut down. The virus is just an excuse.

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