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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Governor Steve Sisolak on Friday tweeted to express disappointment in behavior at the campaign event for President Trump on Thursday night. 

"I was deeply disheartened and dismayed to see the callous and dangerous behavior displayed last night in Las Vegas at a campaign event for President Trump," the tweet said. 

The tweet continued that the behavior at the event defied a State of Nevada emergency directive limiting public gatherings to 50 people or fewer. 

"President Trump’s own campaign has ignored his experts and state law. This campaign event put more people at risk, including his supporters and the hardworking Nevadans who staffed the event," Sisolak's tweet continued. "I’m calling on President Trump to focus on the real threat to the health & lives of Nevadans & Americans: the senseless spread of COVID-19. I’m calling on President Trump to order his campaign to follow our State’s protocols & his own health care experts’ strong guidance." 

The city of Las Vegas on Thursday night issued a civil penalty against the Ahern Hotel for violating Gov. Sisolak's current directive regarding public and private gatherings.

As stated in a letter issued to the property, Gov. Sisolak's Directive 021, Section 10, mandates that "the Nevada general public shall not gather in groups of more than fifty in an indoor or outdoor area subject to the limitations of this section, whether publicly owned or privately owned where the public has access by right or invitation, express or implied, whether by payment of money or not."

An attendee who posted a video on Twitter from the event said it was a "packed house." Adding, "NV Governor banned church services but casinos can operate at 50% capacity. So we are praying in a casino."

The letter goes on to note that compliance is mandatory. "Failure to comply with all State directives and notices issued by the City may result in civil fines, license suspensions, and/or denial of your pending permanent licenses," the letter notes.

A spokesperson for the city confirmed to FOX5 that the agency issued a notice of violation that included a $250 civil penalty.

The notice of violation was issued to Keith Wright, president and general manager of the Ahern and Ahern attorney Sami Bakdash, the city said.

A full copy of the letter issued by the city can be found below:

Samantha Zager, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, provided the below statement regarding the event:

It’s grotesque that Nevada Democrats systematically targeted people of faith who were praying together – while obeying state and local health guidelines – just because they support President Trump. If it were Biden supporters shoulder to shoulder at slot machines instead of the Trump supporters with Bibles, the state and local Democrats would’ve never attempted to shut it down.

Zager said that according to Gov. Sisolak's Executive Order, casinos and hotels are subject to a limit of 50% capacity. According to Zager, the Trump campaign event did not exceed that limit.

"While casinos and restaurants in Nevada are limited to 50 percent of their fire-code capacities, houses of worship have been unreasonably subject to a flat 50-person limit," Zager noted.

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I have a very simple question for Governor Sisolak and all the other Democrat Politicians in Nevada; where were the citations for the BLM organizers who ignored your constraints on the Freedom to Assemble? I attended the Trump Rally to protest your regime---isn't that the same thing BLM did or are Republican voters just not approved to exercise their rights in your state?


Give it up, Sisolak. You'll never be able to hold a candle next to President Trump.


Sisolak needs to find a basement. What a worthless governor


It’s funny all these people that were out there protesting and rioting violating every social distance law in the book but nothing was said about that not a word Sisolak. When are you going to just be honest with American do it needs to be done not what you’re told to do? You can’t pick one side and then not the other!




I wish I would have known about this event . I would have brought my hand sanitizer plus favorite face mask. TRUMP 2020


If they had called it Protestors for Trump it would have been fine.




This is totally bogus. Sisolak is doing it on purpose. It's ok to be in casinos, walking on the strip, etc, but not at a Trump event. I get it now. Sisolak... you are going to be voted OUT. You are a coward. Thank God we're moving out of Vegas. This city has gotten worse since Sisolak won. He has ruined this city.



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