LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Supply chain issues within the granite industry are affecting local companies that create custom headstones for those who have lost a loved one.

"It's been a struggle and it's been frustrating," said Douglas Webb, treasurer of Great Basin Monuments and Engraving.

Business is booming for the headstone company. Demand is up nearly 200%. 

"We are hitting the age where baby boomers are starting to pass," Webb explained. However, once COVID-19 hit, so did the delays. 

Most granite comes from India and China, which were once major hot spots for the pandemic.

"We started seeing delays initially of two to three months, and then it went to a year to get granite out of India," he said. 

Getting granite in America is also taking more time.

grave stone graveyard generic granite

Webb said that they were able to get granite from domestic suppliers in four to six weeks, but now it's taking up to six months. Mourning families are now feeling the effects. Before supply chain issues hit the industry, families could get a headstone placed in a few weeks.

Webb said if they have stock, it now takes three to four months, but since stock is low, it will likely take up to a year for placement. 

He said they're still trying their best to keep up with demand to help families find closure.

"It's an important thing for families who are grieving." 


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1. Buy materials produced in North America.

2. Put up a temporary marker.

3. The folks needing the headstones are not going anywhere.

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