CrossFit Apollo

The owners of Crossfit Apollo in Las Vegas said they're reopening against Gov. Sisolak's orders, even if it means they're arrested.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Owners of a Las Vegas gym say civil disobedience is their last resort and they will reopen against the governor’s orders even if it means jail time.

"People see us, the business owners that want to reopen, as bad people,” said CrossFit Apollo owner Chad Cole. “We aren't bad people. We understand that COVID is a real thing. But we also understand that our jobs are a real thing. Without us fighting for our livelihoods -- I have a baby at home. I have a wife that's a nurse that isn't getting hours and I have to provide for them and now I don't have that choice. It sucks."

Their original plan was to reopen Friday with safety measures they said were in line with CDC guidelines. But their Thursday staff meeting was interrupted by police officers they say threatened to arrest them and suspend their business license.

"Two officers walked in and began to threaten us with our business license, with jail time," Cole said.

"She started describing was jail was like and how I'd be at greater risk if I were in jail of catching the virus,” co-owner Monica Cole said. “I told her I wasn't afraid of jail."

"They thought that we weren't understanding their message, so they called their lieutenant. About 20 minutes later their lieutenant, along with their captain, came in and explained the same thing…and we're not going to back down," Chad Cole said.

"We showed them what they were doing here and they were not interested. Their whole thing was, directive 18, and they handed it to us and had the whole thing printed out saying, ‘you can't defy this. It's against the governor's orders. It's against the law.’ Chad said, no. That's not a law. It's a directive which happens to be against the constitution of the United States which you've made an oath to uphold," she said.

"We fully respect people's decision to stay home if they don't feel safe or if they're in one of those categories where they're a little more at risk and we fully support that. We just ask for the same courtesy," he said.

"And they were understanding what we were saying but, ‘we don't have a choice. We have to obey the governor's rules.’ They kept saying those things - all of them. And Chad told them, ‘you do have a choice. Your choice is to uphold the constitution of the United States or your job.’ And I can empathize with that. Chad told them; I get it. I have a family. But you are making a choice and you need to be aware of that."

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(55) comments


I am glad that this gym opened up. It is his livelihood and how he supports his family. I am sure he has taken the necessary precautions to open up, because if he didn't he will lose his clientele. He has been very responsible in following the CDC recommendations. The members of the gym will decide on their own whether to show up or not. Hopefully, these members will take the initiative to keep themselves safe. Chad, I hope you will be able to continue with your opening.

just sayin'

OK, I am not a fan of Sisolak, but, the man has been donating his net salary to the school district, from when he was elected. There again, he is a wealthy man who don't need to work, for he has money. The rest of us were working from check to check, and now are trying to live on government subsidies. To think, all this because the Democrats can't stand Trump, and now they can say he has run up the national budget, put the majority of people on unemployment and he didn't stop the virus. Prior to this mess, the USA had the lowest unemployment numbers in years. That can be Googled. 2016 Obama, 4.6%, 2017 Trump, 4.3%, 2018 Trump, 4%, 2019 Trump,3.6%. He probably could have put a stop to the virus, if he was given the virus information sooner than later? Unfortunately, we lost most of our freedoms long ago, and now we are just becoming aware. Most of the sheep will follow. The rich will get richer, and the rest of us will just dream about it.


I hope the rich gets richer, and I hope the rest of us will follow along as they spend all their wealth and keep people employed!


Good for you! All Nevada businesses should reopen TODAY! They can jail a couple, but will be helpless to do anything if more and more business owners and citizens stand up for their God given rights. Gov Sissylak does not care about your job or income. He is doing just fine.

Voz de Razon

Cut off HIS income and the lockdown would end immediately.


I completely agree. ALL businesses should open immediately, and let people decide for themselves what precautions to take to keep themselves and their families safe. Let's not play with people's livelihoods.


Could you imagine what this world world would be like if no guidlines were ever followed by presidents, governors, experts in disease etc.

We would need to build hundreds or thousands m, maybe even millions of hospitals to accommodate the sick.

We would have no way of providing ventilators for every patient, the rich and "more important" people would get better care while the rest of the world would die in there homes.

Thousands of cremations would take place daily.

The population would drastically fall.

The economy would be even worst off as people would be too sick to make it to work.

Health care workers would die every day leaving no professional health care workers to care for the sick and the make shift hospitals would be full of volunteers.

It would be an absolute disaster and all the people refused ventilators and hospital beds would revolt and there would be riots, looting and murders in every country and state.

And things would last like that until there was a vaccine created, giving that those experts and professionals lasted throughout the mayhem.

So be thankful the world have listened and followed guidelines you dumb sobs


As always FALSE prophets live among us with prophesy of doom spoken to the people.


your just a salty old shart hahahahaha

Go lick a toilet seat

Voz de Razon

But the world DIDN'T listen. We've been out and about every day!

Nothing will change with this opening except that we can be out and about at MORE places.


The world isn't just America smh

And to respond to your dumb Statement, WE did listen!

Hence why you lot are crying about lockdown....your not the most intelligent are you!


I am 61 years old and in very good health. I have been out and about and being very responsible for it. I draw the line on wearing a mask - I don't. Most people do not even wear it correctly so it is not protecting them or anyone else. At the same time, it has not been proven effective in avoiding the virus except with hamsters in a cage.


OMG! you are so negative! I am glad I don't know you - you would depress me! I do not live in fear, and panicking is the worst thing people can do when situations like this arise.


Walmart sells essentials milk,bread, can workout at home. So how many of these all of a sudden constitutionalist have said "there's no reason for anyone to own an AR15 ? " hmmmm? You can't walk into any place and see everyone wearing a mask. You know darn well nobody is going to wear a mask while working out , just be huffing and puffing away .... the numbers are going to explode in a couple weeks and this will all be for nothing because people are just selfish!

Voz de Razon

You'd like that. But it won't happen. Mingling and being outside is just what the doctor SHOULD order.


It is what a lot of doctors have prescribed - go out there and open up the economy. Letters by doctors sent to the WH. I happen to agree with them (I am a nurse!).

Snowflake Hunter

Hey Joe, what makes you so sure? Are you an expert?


I do not understand why not wearing a mask is selfish?


True Rebels!!! LMAO


hahaha agreed


What aired this morning on Fox5's newscast showed cuts from this video clip and added comments that are not shown on this video. These owners of this business blatantly said that they will not conform and they would 'take a stand'. I ask you to consider this, if this was a person of color making that type of statement, it would not have been allowed and the outcome would have been very different. There is racial disparity in all of these issues that have arised and so many are turning a blind eye to the real issues. If it was a person of color, a business owner, stated they were going to take a stand, the escalation would not been a discussion about what the inside of a jail would look like but rather a birdseye view of it. And that if the person would even make it there untouched or alive. Perception is reality, that's my reality.


ROLL YOUR EYES at the separation between church and state in the Constitution and look whats happening in this country and state of Nevada. Sisolak put law enforcement in a very tight situation here in Nevada. Law enforcement in this case doesn't want the owners to go to jail or have to give them a ticket I can assure you. I would gamble dollars to donuts (Krispy Kream) .someone called the police and they have a duty to investigate. The officers ROLLED THEIR EYES when they seen the people and tried to talk about the options they have right now. For the ones who think they know the constitution and ROLL THEIR EYES when someone who quotes certain things from it. You should be practicing law rather than ROLLING YOUR EYES at comments posted here of people who are hard working and want to be able to live in a country where FREEDOM was fought for by our armed forces in past years and conflicts won. Not to be taken away from Sisolak and not have businesses open due to the pandemic. Remember FLATTEN THE CURVE for two weeks back in March. Now we are all ROLLING OUR EYES. Illegal or not???


Wow...this is what happens when you get your legal education from watching JudgeJeanine Pirro.

Under such a state of emergency, governor's executive orders or proclamations have all of the force of law because they are underpinned by the law that allows them to proclaim the state of emergency to begin with.

These police officers TRIED to get you thinking straight...guess you won't be happy until, instead of just losing money from being closed, you're paying fines and attorney fees as well.


Interesting, congrats on your law degrees. Equally protection under the law is the law. The Governor is picking winners and losers, he lets Walmart stay open and sell anything and closes small businesses that can promote safety better than big box stores. Plus these small business still have to pay their business license and other bills with no income.

Voz de Razon

Sisolak is drunk on power. And has convinced himself that people were obeying his edicts in the first place. Surprise! We haven't been cowering in place like he wanted anyway.

Snowflake Hunter

I bet they wont spend a dime in fines and I will be the first to donate to their go fund me page. the salon owner in Texas raised several Hundred thousand dollars. Anyway, why doe this get your panties in a bunch?

Dr. N

AG Barr Hotline to report Civil Rights Violations by Governors:

1-866-720-5721 Press 1

"Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law"

No one, even in times of crisis, can take away our Constitutional Rights! Not the Governor, Law Enforcement, Healthcare Workers...No One! Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights! Know your Rights!


Lol, there is no constitutional right to get in your WOD!


I would invite you to read the Constitution’s Commerce Clause. The governor is exercising exactly the rights the Constitution gives him. My question is are you just passionate and not knowlegable, or intentionally saying things that are not true?


Well we shall see once the governor is brought to court on failure to provide equal protection under the law. He leaves Walmart and Supermarkets but does not allow small business to reopen while still charging them for business licenses and taxes.


Commerce Clause:

The Congress shall have the power To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;


I can't wait until the courts define your "Constitutional Commerce Clause". Nice try.


American history would seem to disagree with your assertion, during times of crisis constitutional rights can be suspended.George Washington used American troops to violently put down tax protesters, Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War, Woodrow Wilson suspended freedom of the press during WWI, Herbert Hoover turned the Army on WWI veterans peacefully protesting for aid at the beginning of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt imprisoned over 100,000 Americans based on entity.

If you don't like how the governor is handling the crisis I suggest you push for a constitutional amendment to more clearly define emergency powers.

Voz de Razon

I think just cutting off his paycheck the second he denies that ability to others would do the trick.


*Ethnicity, please forgive the spelling error.


However, has the governor suspended Constitutional Rights ? If he has then once this "Crisis" is over. The question will be were his actions justified, equally applied and constitutional under the spirit of the law. We shall see.

Dr. N

Your Governors chose to shut down your state, schools, businesses, economy, jobs, churches, etc.....not President Trump !!! Go after your own State Govenor and SUE for them to open up your state and stop this abuse of your Constitutional Rights!!!



Losing $1,000 a day? Wow, who knew a gym generated that much!

I love how everybody is suddenly constitutional law experts when they want their way. Too bad that actually cracking a book and learning about the Commerce Clause and how pandemic health issues are deferred to state and local authority never crosses their mind. I guess it makes for better TV to drape yourself in the constiution and say, "I got my rights - constitution says so," when actually it says the opposite.


Thats one fine law Degree you have. ... In fact I have read the constitution and the governor is not violating the Commerce Clause as business isstill coming across state lines. He is however by leaving Walmart open to sell any product, violating equal protection under the law. However, you have proven that you are a mean and very sad human with your statements ... 1000 per day is 350,000 per year a quite small amount for a small business. These people obviously work hard to make a living.

Voz de Razon

Spoken like someone who heard a soundbite from a left leaning rag. I wish I could just leave a voice comment to bring some light here because typing on my phone would be an hours long affair.

The only legal justification governors HAD was the federal emergency declaration. That was pulled over a week ago. These governors have gone rogue.

I find it appalling that YOU actually appear to cheer your assertion that your rights have limits.

Why would limited rights bring you joy?

Snowflake Hunter

I have read it and you are wrong. It does not give the governor the power to pick winners and losers. But i'm willing to read that clause should you find it.


Glad I left sh**hole Vegas. Everybody is half way re**arded and the only people voting are racist senior citizens with dementia.


Geez, man... I voted.


Glad you left too, its much better since Jack Offs like you are moving out ! Bye Bye Troll BOY !


OPEN NEVADA!!! OPEN GYMS!!! There is no reason that this gym (and others like LVAC) should not be allowed to open. They have taken all precautions. Sisolak has no clue about businesses and just feels he can exert power unconstitutionally. Many small businesses probably vote Republican (and if they don't, they obviously should), and he wants to shut them down.


Please see my reply above. Crack a book and learn. The governor is actually using the authority the constitution specifically gives him in this case. Yeah, it may not be to your liking, but it is definatly not 'unconstitutional'.


You must be a state employee. Lucky you, still getting paid, while other people are losing their livelihoods to stupidity.


Life isn't fair and bad things happen to good people. Be happy that the democrats in Congress forced the republicans to help you out with the unemployment boost through July.


I am merely pointing out facts - I am sorry they are inconvenient at times.


Eyeroll - professional internet hall monitor, a.k.a Karen, hasn't seen a gym in years outside of this article, likes to flex limited law knowledge. Regularly peruses law forums to see where she can jump in and flex, because she'll never flex at a gym.


Eyeroll the Troll doesn't really care about the facts. You can tell he doesn't care about other humans but karma always comes back on people.


Hey Eyetroll, You're a very mean spirited human and you will get back everything you give. Good Luck in life... your going to need it.

Voz de Razon

The only authority he HAD was when the FEDERAL government declared the emergency.

That was rescinded long ago. Sisolak is on his own.

And why would you be happy that a government official has so much power over you?

Snowflake Hunter

Hey Eye roll. Copy and paste the part that backs your stupid argument. Its not hard, just look up on youtube on how to copy & Paste.


Yes please open Las Vegas...People have been locked down for too long. We are social human beings who were not created to live solitary lives. Respect for each other is also gained by interacting with others. If lockdown continues, some people may lose social skills, and will have only rude associations with others...

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