LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- Three Arizona casinos closed again amid a spike in the state’s COVID-19 cases. Properties will spend at least two weeks reevaluating their safety standards.

That kind of closure is exactly what Las Vegas valley casinos want to avoid.

“I think it’s a step back,” gaming expert Howard Stutz said. “We’re all worried about it.”

Stutz is keeping an eye on casinos in Arizona.

“The Gila River properties opened, then all of a sudden they closed after a couple of weeks,” he said. “We don’t want to see it regress back. The governor has already said we’re not moving into Phase 3 until at least the end of the month. We have more and more casinos opening. A lot more are going to open next week ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.”

Stutz said the closures could be a bad sign for casinos in the valley.

“The problem is now, we’re getting a lot of people – it’s Vegas, let’s have fun, get back at it -- and that’s what’s getting dangerous,” Stutz said.

Safety plans in those three Arizona casinos are comparable to what’s in place here, according to Stutz. Employees are required to wear masks and PPE, but it remains optional for guests.

This week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board took things a step further, making it mandatory for players to wear masks at table games that do now have physical dividers.

Stutz added there are some differences from Arizona casinos that could play in Vegas’s favor.

“Think of Red Rock Resort or Green Valley Ranch, some of the big local properties, that’s what a lot of these Indian properties are like,” he said.

That’s compared to Strip properties, which have a lot more space.

“Big casinos can spread things out. It’s just a matter of people adhering to those guidelines,” Stutz said.

Casinos in Arizona are run by Indian communities. In Nevada, it’s the state that sets the standards.

On top of that, the Culinary Union doubled down on its demand for stricter guidelines from the GCB. They said even changes made this week, didn’t go far enough.

“There’s got to be some balance in this,” Stutz said. “Yes, you want to come to Vegas, have a good time. You can still have a good time, you just have to social distance.”

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(13) comments


Lies, lies, lies. Folks, go to Google or any search engine. Type in 12 new cases and hit enter. Look closely at the numbers that come up in any hit. Then type in 12345 new cases. Look closely at the numbers that come up. The algorithms are set to give you whatever number of cases you search for. It is all a bunch of lies so the Dems can shut down the government to promote a collapse of the economy and mail-in ballots.


The fake news is trying to scare everyone into believing there is a second wave of COVID because they are pushing for mail-in ballots for the election so they can cheat. Period. Dem governors are going to try to shut down states again...just wait.


Fake news...again. Do you know how easy it is to claim someone died of CV when they actually died of some other virus? Plus it is almost impossible to differential diagnose CV vs. flu without a positive CV or flu test. My friend was told she had CV at the ER because of her CT chest scan. You cannot tell if you have COVID by an X-ray or CT folks...only can differentiate viral vs. bacterial pneumonia. They told her she had COVID. The two COVID tests said otherwise, she is totally fine. Why is everyone disregarding the fact they Fauci initially told the world that face masks do not work? Even an N-95 mask only blocks 95% of the particles IF the mask is professionally fitted to your face. Do you know how small 0.06-0.12 microns are? Have you seen the scientific studies saying you still spray respiratory droplets four feet while wearing a mask and that if you do not have symptoms of CV you do not need to wear one? Please stop watching fake news.


I hear you loud and clear. But the people you are trying to reach don't or won't listen. They want to be told that everything will be fine if you just listen and do what you are told. Nobody will die if we all wear masks. Of course it is all lies. But common sense is something that is lacking in today's world. What a shame.

Bo Donk

No masks, stop pushing them , Not now not ever Muzzles for patrons = closed casinos.


This is all about the election and the Dems gaining back power. The truth is going to come out soon. Lots of people are going to be in BIG trouble.


This virus has really exposed American's for what they really are, ignorant and selfish. Who needs science and math? That stuff isn't patriotic! 'Merica.....


It is simple people, and you don't need to be an Einstein to understand it....the virus is not over, and didn't magically disappear. Masks are needed if not for your own protection, but for mine and others. Casinos need to tighten up on this too, and just refuse to allow people in that don't wear them, simple as that. And ironically it is the fools that drive in from California, Utah, and Arizona that don't think they are needed. My thought is stay home, and keep your germs and health issues in your own state, because I a hard working mom, have no interest in catching your germs and risking catching this virus. And I think most of the employees feel the same way. Don't want to wear a mask, take your family to a gym or go to a park. You and all the other macho men can sweat, cough, and wheeze on each other.


Arizona isn't Vegas. If you are afraid, stay home. Simple as that.


Stop contradicting yourself! You called for reopening like Arizona, and called our governor disgusting names and called for a recall! Everyone is sooooooo quite! Your silly a$$ should start following guidelines so we can get back to normality.

Were the only country in the world who don't follow guidelines because we're stupid Americans!

Bo Donk



You are right, Arizona is not Vegas. They opened before we did, which was a mistake. Half of the idiots living here flocked to Arizona on Memorial day. How's that working out? It has nothing to do about being afraid. It's called being cautious. It's called being smart. Wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands. People who don't get that need to go back to school to learn common sense. Trump 2020!


The sound of crickets is deafening lol

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