Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia 

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Ten people have died of COVID-19 in Nevada. The family of a man who died from it on Sunday shared their story. 

"Physically I'm feeling OK," Jesus Carillo-Medina said. He's self-quarantined at home with his two teenagers, his wife and his mom.

"I'm taking her temperature three times a day," Carillo-Medina said. 

His dad used to live with them, too.  

"It was my dad and aunt who got it," he said. 

He's talking about COVID-19. His aunt Eva was visiting from out of town. She went back home to Los Angeles, and started showing symptoms on March 6. The very next day, Carillo-Medina's dad, also named Jesus, had a fever. 

"I took him to doctor on the 10th. The doctor suspected acute pneumonia, gave him a breathing treatment and sent him home," Jesus said, but his dad didn't get better.  

"On the 16th I took to him to urgent care. From there they rushed him to the hospital," he added. 

The rest of the family wasn't allowed to visit due to coronavirus concerns. 

Carillo-Medina's father Jesus Carillo-Garcia was a line cook at Green Valley Ranch. His friends called him "Chuy". Back in the day, he worked at the Palms. 

"He would make food for George Maloof," Jesus said.  

Carillo-Garcia was a former soccer coach here in the valley and still played soccer and ran every day, his son said. "He was just active all the time," he added. 

On March 20th, the family got a call saying Aunt Eva died of COVID-19 in Los Angeles. Two days later, his son told us Carillo-Garcia died at Henderson Hospital. 

"We couldn't console each other or give my mom a hug. We couldn't be there with my dad. He passed alone. The last time I saw him they were loading him into an ambulance and I waved bye to him," Carillo-Medina said in tears. 

"It's going to be tough shoes to fill, great man. I love him. He was my hero," Jesus said. 

On Wednesday the family's phone rang. The person on the other end of the line told them Jesus' mother tested positive for COVID-19. Jesus and his wife are still waiting on their test results. 

To donate to the family, click here.

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Also, when in the devil have ER doctors decided to send someone home with acute pneumonia?


Donate? How? Instead, during this crisis, wealthy doctors and hospitals should be treating COVID-19 patients for free. The poor asking the poor for money to pay wealthy doctors, who drive rich cars, and hospitals?! What's wrong with this picture?

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