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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- New tech tools developed in Las Vegas could play a major role, helping casinos welcome back visitors safely.

FOX5 got a demonstration of the technology at Acres 4.0.

“When I leave the game, I’m going to take my players card out, we’ll see this machine is disabled because it needs to be cleaned,” COO Noah Acres said. “Now this machine is safe to play. A new player can sit over here, while over here, we’ve paged someone to come clean this machine.”

Acres 4.0 walked FOX5 through its Smart Space tool. The program can help casinos manage slot machines while making sure people are social distancing.

“When one game goes on, the neighboring game would instantly deactivate,” Acres said. “It would prevent somebody from sitting down and playing really close to you.”

Casinos can tailor the feature to deactivate one, two or three machines around a person at a time. It can even adjust to allow people from the same household, like a husband and wife, to still play side-by-side.

“This could be installed within probably a couple of hours,” Acres said.

Once a person is done and leaves the machine, Acres has another tool called the Clean Machine app. It’s based on their software Kai that is already used at more than 50 casinos worldwide, including a couple on the Las Vegas Strip.

“We know from data that we have in the field today, we can get somebody to that machine within a minute,” Acres said.

The system keeps track of which employees are already busy and which would be available to do a cleaning.

“Everything is time tracked, so management would get a report, there’s a log of when each game would be cleaned,” Acres said. “This is something that would allow you to keep your existing floor plan and just pinpoint when you need to clean machines and where.”

Acres said it took his team just three days to develop the two-fold solution.

“Every casino is different,” he said. “Some are going to want the [physical] barriers, some are going to want this. Some are going to want both. I think a lot of it will be utilized forever.”

Acres believes this sort of technology could be the key to keeping customers and workers safe.

“When you sit down whether it’s a restaurant or a slot machine, you can see, and smell and feel the clean environment,” he said. “It gives you a feeling of safety and you feel like the place cares about you. I think that’s important going forward, especially once we get out the gate with the reopening.”

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