LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Governor Steve Sisolak announcing plans for reopening at 100% capacity and getting rid of social distancing requirements by June 1 is big news in the "Wedding Capital of the World" for engaged couples, wedding venues and vendors.

Couples can now plan to host their big day without capacity limits and that means more money for those who host and plan. 

“I think we invited almost 300 people,” Casey Kirsch said about her big day.

After nearly a year of wondering what COVID-19 restrictions would be in place for their “I dos,” Kirsch and fiancée Tyler Sherritt now have a clearer answer. The couple set their wedding date for this coming October back in February 2020, right before the pandemic.

“Both of us have pretty big families and they are all over the country and all over the world pretty much, so to be told that on the best day of our lives that we may not have most of the people we love there to celebrate with us it was hard to picture that,” Kirsch said.

Now capacity restrictions won't impact the couple’s plans for the big day at Red Rock Country Club.

“Now that everything has been lifted this is just awesome,” Kirsch said.

“We have had our fingers crossed for a long time,” Sherritt added..

Brittany Pfeffer is planning the couple's wedding. Pfeffer has been a wedding planner for 10 years and done 750 weddings including during the pandemic.

“His announcement today was a game changer,” Pfeffer said, referring to Sisolak’s plan to increase capacities to 100%.

Wedding dress bride generic

“Tell a couple getting married to cut their favorite people out of the wedding because the venue can’t hold them, it’s been so heartbreaking,” Pfeffer said.

Pfeffer argued imposing social distancing requirements was one of the biggest challenges during the pandemic at wedding venues.

“When you go from being able to have 10-12 people per table to max six or some venues four, you are almost doubling your tables,” Pfeffer said.

The capacity and social distance changes are big news for wedding conventions too. Laura Covington, Vice President of Bridal Spectacular Events told FOX5 holding full conventions is pivotal for the entire bridal industry.

“If we are not having bridal shows, the photographers, the venues, and florists are not meeting the couples, they are not getting the business that they need to stay open,” Covington said.  

The Bridal Spectacular Convention will be in August at World Market Center.

As for the engaged couple, they plan on having a live band at their October wedding.

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