LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas group wants to "Fuel the Fight" and feed frontliners. It’s based on a nationwide movement that’s gaining momentum.

“We all felt a little helpless and we wanted to do something to help the people who are helping,” Rich Haskin said. He helped create the online group, Fuel the Fight.

“We started the Facebook page, we started an Instagram page, and we started moving forward right away,” he said.

Haskin said what started simply as an effort to raise money turned into something else.

“While we still get a lot of individual donations, it’s turned into a coordination effort,” he said. “We have a lot of great law firms that have contributed, a lot of other organizations, companies.”

From big names like Denny’s to small businesses like locally-franchised Capriottis and Platinum Catering, “it’s just great to see people who are in need themselves take a step forward and say, we’re willing to do this for other people,” Haskin said.

He knows it’s not a new idea, but with the help of the nonprofit, Vegas Healthcare, he’s able to easily link hospitals to restaurants and businesses, wanting to donate.

“Easily hundreds of meals, we usually have enough to feed an entire ER and ICU,” Haskin said.

“The idea was that we’re going to have these health care workers who are working more stressful, longer, duplicative shifts so we want to make sure we care for those people,” he added. “Those are the people who are going to have a hard time breaking away to grab a meal like they usually would do.”

As the weeks have gone on, Haskin said they’re only seeing the group continue to grow.

“I haven’t seen a drop off in the giving from people at all. I think it’s been quite the opposite,” he said. “It’s a reflection of how we all feel about the front line providers, and what they are doing for us in this community.”

fuel the fight

“One of the benefits to these types of circumstances on top of spending more time with your family is realizing the importance of these essential workers and what they provide to our communities,” he added. “The fact that they’re out there and risking their health for us, I don’t think that part of it ends when the coronavirus pandemic goes away.”

You can connect with the valley-based group by clicking here

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