LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Valley health care workers are feeling more pressure with less staff.

FOX5 spoke with Nicole Taylor, a registered nurse from MountainView Hospital and chief nurse representative for National Nurses United, about current concerns.

Taylor said hospitals have been short staffed for two years, but the situation is intensifying with the number of nurses that are calling out sick.

On top of call-outs, the CDC shortened the amount of time health care professionals who were infected with COVID-19 can quarantine before they return to work.

“If you’re having symptoms and the CDC tells you as long as your symptoms have improved a little you can still go back to work. Nurses have people’s lives in their hands and when you’re asked to be mentally on you’re a-game for 12 and a half hours-with not the correct amount of staff you’re taking care of more people than is normally considered safe and if you’re still sick on top of that, you're not on you’re 'A'-game," Taylor said.

Taylor said ICU nurses are stretched thin.

“In our ICU’s the nurses should have sometimes one patient, sometimes two, depending on the sickness of the patient. And many, many, almost every day, all of our ICU nurses have three patients," Taylor said.

Taylor said they believe they work for a good employer at MountainView Hospital, but they hope they provide more resources.

"Specifically at MountainView I know that the nurses just hope that they step up to the plate and that the hospital really digs in their feet and is ready to make a change because if anybody has the ability to provide the resources to be the best hospital in the valley is them," Taylor said.

Taylor said feeling appreciated is needed.

"I can guarantee you if you talk to 50 other nurses tomorrow not a single one would tell you they feel appreciated by their employer. After all we’ve been through in the last two years, they do nothing to make you feel appreciated,” Taylor said. 

At Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steven Merta said he thinks the CDC made the appropriate decision to shorten quarantine time and update the guidelines so employees can return to work.

“The announcement of the five days, seven days, with a test, without a test, to me the main focus is how do we get those that are healthy and strong enough to be able to provide care to come back to help those that are in the hospital who are right now sick," Merta said.

FOX5 asked if there was a plan in place for the surge.

“Frankly, we’re in the middle of our plan, right, we have record number of ER visits, we have done everything we can to limit the number of patients who are coming in," Merta said.

FOX5 asked how management shows appreciation toward their workers. 

MountainView Hospital

“Looking at different ways to financially support them with shift bonuses with just walking the floors more often sitting down and talking to them getting to know them we have goodie carts you know everybody loves food so do we provide donuts, do we go up on the floors and I remember when we were handing out candy bars and we’re walking around with snacks, coffee. Anything that we can engage those caregivers and just talk to them and just show them that we are so appreciative of what they do," Merta said. 

Stacey Welling with Clark County said the county did submit a request for additional staffing for hospitals. That request is pending. 


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