LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Thousands of people across the valley worry they cannot pay rent, as April 1 approaches and Gov. Steve Sisolak's mandatory shutdown of nonessential businesses remain in effect. 

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (click for more information) breaks down tenants' rights and state law, amid COVID-19 provisions, and has attorneys available to speak with members of the public in need. 

According to Clark County's Civil Law Self-Help Center website (click for more information), eviction orders have been suspended from March 17 for 30 days in Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas justice centers. Those courts make up the bulk of Clark County. 


According to attorney Jim Berchtold, there are plenty of options before eviction to try. He suggested delaying all car, credit card and other loan payments. 

"If you fail to pay your rent you could end up on the street. Prioritize your rent," he said, stating that many companies are willing to work with customers on a payment plan. 

You can approach your landlord for a payment plan; get the plan in writing. 

Renters can also seek to leave their lease early or before the end of the month. Landlords could be flexible, or possibly hold you liable for the remaining balance. 

"It may be in your financial interest to cut your losses, and go find someplace else where you don't have to pay rent," he said. 


Landlords cannot "self-enforce" evictions at any time, and lock out a tenant from their property; a deputy or constable of the court is the only legal authority allowed to evict a person with a legal order. 

Residents at weekly or monthly motels are also subject to tenant rights, requiring a court order -- provided the resident has been at the property for more than 30 days. 

Tenants at vacation rentals or timeshares may have different legal options and are asked to contact The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada for assistance. 

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It is really scary that some people do not think just even a few weeks in advance to save for a rainy day. Rent comes first and don't expect landlords to subsidize you.

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