LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Soon you may need proof you're vaccinated to do certain things. A digital vaccination passport is in the works for several companies, including CLEAR, which is widely known for its technology that verifies data through fingerprints that allows subscribers to speed through security lines at airports.

Checking in at a kiosk to enter a live sporting event or get on a plane to show you're COVID-19 negative is already being used around the country. Apps developed by companies like CLEAR allow users to upload a coronavirus test result that can then be scanned to get inside. CLEAR executive VP of growth Catesby Perrin said that's done without revealing sensitive information.

"We simply show a read or green to anyone who needs to know if you've met those criteria without having to share any of the underlying specifics," Perrin said.

This week, the Venetian announced it's implemented the digital health pass technology in hopes to speed up the return to conventions and trade shows. The health pass will only be used for events and not for regular resort guests.

"They will have the option to leverage CLEAR’s Health Pass for a frictionless and secure COVID-19 screening solution that is specific to their individual event needs,” a Venetian spokesperson said.

CLEAR also has a partnership with MGM Resorts, and the technology is used at Vegas Golden Knights games.

The next step for the company is a proof of vaccination option, which is coming soon.

"Just like the COVID testing, you'll be able to clearly establish a link to your vaccine provider … whether you're headed to a Las Vegas Knights game or event at the Venetian, you'll have an opportunity to prove you're vaccinated," Perrin said.

"I think the problem with a vaccine passport is it may violate a tentative privacy that's really an essential part of medical ethics," UNLV School of Medicine Dean Marc Kahn said.

According to Kahn, laws in place to ensure privacy of medical information could stand in the way of businesses and governments requiring digital passports.

Covid-19 Vaccination Card

COVID-19 vaccination record card issued by the Centers for Disease Control.

"Having to provide proof you've been vaccinated is better for the population than not doing that and hence ethically defensible," Kahn said. "All in all I think a vaccine passport is actually a good idea in the setting of this active pandemic."

The state has not signaled it has any plans to implement a vaccination passport, but that wouldn't stop private businesses from doing so. However, none of the Las Vegas resorts we reached out to have publicly said they plan on utilizing vaccine verification.

Westgate told FOX5 it's still too early to know.

"We are open to whatever is developed that can allow us to accommodate more guests. Obviously as it will go along we'll closely follow the guidelines of the state," Westgate spokesman Gordon Prouty said. "I find it difficult that there would be something that would make it mandatory, but we will see."

The White House said there will not be a federal vaccine passport mandate. The administration signaled it will be up to individual state's and businesses.

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Allowing for vaccine passports isn't 'ethically defensible.' It's ethically unconstitutional. I see a boatload of lawsuits on the horizon.


Any company that does this will be boycotted!


Black markets will make a killing.

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