LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Governor Steve Sisolak implored Nevadans to give healthcare workers "a needed break" as restrictions ease, to make sure sick patients do not flood emergency rooms again. 

The Nevada Hospital Association warns, according to Sisolak, that the healthcare system could be stressed if another surge emerges. 

The surge is still significant, Sisolak said, with double the numbers of our surge after summertime. 

Nurses like Celia Nieto of National Nurses United are still recovering from the devastating start of winter, when patients flooded Valley intensive care units and emergency rooms. 

"We have been through, many of us, the worst thing we have ever seen. We are emotionally tired, physically tired," Nieto said. "It feels like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel."

ICU capacity has slowly gone down with the vaccine rollout. 

From sickness, severe exhaustion and mental health challenges, Nieto worries what healthcare workers could face with another surge. 

"And I really worry about us as the fog lifts, and we're left processing what we've just been through," Nieto said. "I beg Nevadans to not get complacent and to continue to follow the guidelines, because us frontline workers may not have it in us again."

Nieto hopes there are better mental health resources to help nurses coping with seeing so much tragedy, and development of plans from healthcare leaders to prevent frontline staff across the state from being stretched and overwhelmed. 

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First you whine about how overwhelmed you are, now you whine about the ease of the restrictions. Which is it? Don't want to lose the spotlight? You should be grateful that we're easing the phony restrictions on getting on with life! How dare you want to keep us under restrictions and not getting back to life and living without a freaking mask! Remember, you people picked the career that you're in, stop whining about it. Be grateful that you at least have a job, while many do NOT.

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