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CLARK COUNTY (FOX5) -- A second presumptive positive case of novel coronavirus was identified in Clark County, according to the Southern Nevada Health District.

The patient is a woman in her 70s and is currently being held at a hospital in isolation, the Southern Nevada Health District said in a statement Monday. Close contacts of the patient have been asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, SNHD said. She reported in-state travel prior to developing symptoms, according to the release.

The first coronavirus case in Clark County was identified as a man in his 50s who recently traveled to Texas and Washington state. The man remains in serious condition at the VA Healthcare System in North Las Vegas.

Washoe County reported two presumptive positive cases, one of which involves a man in his 30s who recently traveled to Santa Clara, but didn't exhibit symptoms while traveling.

According to the CDC, commercial laboratories will soon begin performing testing for COVID-19. However, positive test results do not get reported to the Health District, SNHD noted in a release Monday. All presumptive positive cases must be tested by the Centers for Disease Control for further confirmation.


  • Do not visit emergency department unless it is an emergency - consult primary care doctor first
  • Practice preventative measures to help prevent spread of viruses: wash hands, avoid touching face, avoid contact with sick individuals, use tissues to cough/sneeze, clean/disinfect most used surfaces and objects
  • Stay home when sick
  • Do your research and keep on top of updates:

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(4) comments


The worst thing the President could have done is panic people. He's been directed to play it out calmly. I'd be ticked if he did it any other way. There is enough people running around Vegas yelling 'The sky is falling." Blaming him is ridiculous. Thank God some of us have some sense. I've been in the ER years past with people in there sicker than dogs. Found out 3 of them had the flu. It's been going on for centuries. Keep a cool head. Good hygiene practices and avoid crowds. Take a walk..

Outside yoga class. Meditate. Panic is self defeating. I'm honestly shocked we dont have more cases here with all the out of towners who come through here. Californians are hurting and should stay home. They need that no good Governor of theirs to do his job right for once. At least he gave Trump credit for acting fast and doing the right thing.


Of course, this is the end of the world. There is no toilet paper available. It is all Trumps fault. We are all going to die so let's open all the borders so we can all die while all the illegals fill the hospitals up. Then maybe all the liberals will be happy.


Why is the President downplaying this? There are now 550 cases of Coronavirus in the U.S. and 22 deaths so far, and it's spreading. Shouldn't the President be cautioning Americans strongly instead of telling them that their chances of getting it are "very low?"


I rescind this comment. I now understand why the President said what he did. He loves America and loves all Americans and is very concerned. He just wants people to be careful, but not panicked.

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