Harbor Freight/Facebook

(Harbor Freight/Facebook)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Retailer Harbor Freight has announced that it is donating a massive amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) to various hospitals.

Harbor Freight, which has seven stores in Nevada, said in a statement posted to its website that it is donating 44 million pairs of nitrile gloves and hundreds of thousands of masks and face shields.

The retailer said it will donate the items in over 1,000 communities that its stores serve.

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just sayin'

I am all about helping the hospitals, but how is it possible that they don't have enough gloves and masks? Why are they not ordering them as needed? They new this was going to be a catastrophe in health care. For what your hospital charges you when you visit, why are we giving them free-be's. Did you ever see a N/C on a line item on your bill? Now, lets kick this virus's a$$, and get back to living.

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