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Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announces a state of emergency amid coronavirus fears, at a news conference Thursday, March 12, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Las Vegas gyms excited too reope with new health and safety measures in place

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said the second phase of reopening Nevada will begin Friday, May 29. 

Sisolak said the cumulative test positivity rate in the state has declined to 6.5% and has been on a downward trend for a month. For confirmed hospitalizations, the governor said the state has seen a 35-day downward trend. Testing rates have improved past the goal, Sisolak said, with 9,325 tests done on Monday.

As of Tuesday evening, Nevada Health Response reported 7,998 total positive cases in Nevada with 396 deaths from the virus. 


In Phase 2, Sisolak said he emphasized wearing a face covering in public and maintaining social distancing of six feet. 

The amount of people in a public or private gathering will be increased from 10 to no more than 50 people, Sisolak said. Vulnerable populations were urged to stay home. 


Sisolak said several businesses will stay closed in Phase 2, expected to last two to three weeks. This included adult entertainment establishments, brothels, nightclubs and day clubs and live sporting events with spectators. 

"I feel confident in the June 4th target date," Sisolak said regarding gaming. 

"The [Nevada Gaming Control] Board will issue an industry notice [Wednesday] setting forth requirements for the resumption of gaming operations in the State of Nevada."


Roadmap to Recovery Chart -... by FOX5 Vegas on Scribd

GYMS AND FITNESS FACILITIES: Sisolak said if a smaller gym can can only accommodate 10 or less people, they can only do so if they can adhere to social distancing requirements. Larger gyms will be capped at 50% capacity and must adhere to social distancing guidelines. Group fitness classes will be limited to allow six feet between participants. 

Locker rooms will stay closed except for the restrooms, Sisolak said. Fitness centers will have to keep showers, steam rooms, saunas, vapor baths and any other communal facilities closed. 

Bars are preparing to reopen under Phase 2 of Nevada's reopening guidelines on May 29.

BARS AND RESTAURANTS: Sisolak said restaurants and other food establishments are continued in the next phase, and bar areas will be allowed to reopen. Bars and taverns that do not serve food will be allowed at 50% maximum capacity and strict social distancing. Patrons will not be allowed to order at the bar and must be served at a table. "No congregating," the governor said. 

SALONS AND SPAS: Businesses that provide "aesthetic or other skin services may open under strict protocols and social distancing guidelines," the governor said, as per recommended by LEAP and the state Cosmetology Board. This included facials, hair removal, tanning, eyelash services, eyebrow threading, salt therapy, estheticians and other services. If there is no partition between each work station, Sisolak said work stations must be six feet apart. 

These services will be appointment only, Sisolak said, and employees must wear face coverings.

Day and overnight spas may reopen without communal services. Massage services will also be allowed to reopen under similar conditions. The masseuse must wear a face covering at all times.

Nevada's Phase 2 begins on Friday, May 29, with several industries getting the OK to reopen.

TATOOS AND PIERCINGS: Body art establishments may reopen, but work can not be done around the mouth or nose and a face covering is required. 

POOLS: Under Phase 2, Sisolak said pools, water parks and other aquatic facilities can reopen under 50% capacity and social distancing. "Face coverings should NOT be worn in the water," Sisolak said. 

OTHER: Museums, art galleries, aquariums, movie theaters, bowling alleys, indoor malls, amusement parks and mini golf will all be allowed to reopen with 50% capacity and six feet of social distancing. 

"Indoor malls must prohibit areas where people congregate, including restricting seating or benches in hallways or open areas. Each individual retail store within an indoor mall will be subject to the same 50% capacity mandate and social distancing requirements. Food courts must adhere to the same restrictions as restaurants," per the governor. 

LIVE PERFORMANCES: Sisolak said live performances and live performers will not be allowed with spectators. Certain event will be allowed under "specific restrictions for the purpose of broadcasting or live streaming" but can not have a live audience. 

Sisolak said this included sporting events, concerts, theater performances or other entertainment-type events. "There will be also be protocols for other spectator-less events that won’t be filmed or broadcasted," he said. 

Authorities over the jurisdiction of the event (Gaming Control Board, Nevada Athletic Commission, etc.) will approve the events it regulates. "For those that don’t fall within the jurisdiction of the Nevada Athletic Commission or the Gaming Control Board, they will be approved by the Nevada Department of Business & Industry," Sisolak said. 

Youth sports and recreation were "anticipated" to open "at some point" in Phase 2, he said, pending a full plan. 

PLACES OF WORSHIP: Sisolak said places of worship can open under Phase 2 with a maximum of 50 people attending a service at a time and strict social distancing. 

Sisolak said his office was finalizing industry-specific guidance to be published and distributed this week. 


Following the press release, Sisolak answered media questions in a conference call. FOX5 asked about the travel advisory for Nevada, which currently recommends anyone entering Nevada to self-isolate for two weeks.

“We’re going to be addressing the travel advisory in the days ahead, the specifics that relate to it, but we’re open for business on June 4th and welcoming our out of town guests," Sisolak said. 

A reporter from the Los Angeles Times asked if a spike in cases after June 4 would be disastrous to the economy. Sisolak reiterated a spike would be a setback and emphasized restrictions and guidance the properties will be following. 

"Only sure thing is until we have a vaccine, we rely on technology, contact tracing and being proactive with social distancing measures," Sisolak said. 

In response to policing the policies in casinos, Sisolak said employees will help educate guests, but they are not law enforcement. "Gaming Control Board is going to be very aggressive on these properties, making sure guests are complying and following the new regulations."


While the governor had planned an in-person press conference on Tuesday, the event was canceled and replaced with a video release, which was later released as a written statement to the press. Sisolak said this was due to possible exposure to COVID-19.

Earlier in the evening, he announced he was at a location last week where an employee, who was not present when he was, had tested positive. After learning of the positive test, Sisolak's office said he was tested Tuesday and will be under quarantine in Carson City until results come back. 

"I feel fine and I am not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19," Sisolak said.



5.26 Post Presser Release by FOX5 Vegas on Scribd

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If he is a communist he is doing a really bad job at it. Not once has he tried to nationalize a single industry and he hasn't even tried to limit freedom of speech or the press. The bourgeois still flaunt their wealth earned from the oppression of the proletariat.

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Voz de Razon

You're not joking

Voz de Razon

If this weren't so damaging it would be hilarious. To see an adult try to act like the boogeyman is real and set up rules to not upset this boogeyman.

Observable science from other places in the country and world shows that this was serious overreaction from the beginning.


"Observable science from other places in the country and world" name them places? You haven't a clue what goes on outside of USA and fox News so stop pretending like you do.


What you Trumpist morons can't seem to comprehend is that things didn't get worse BECAUSE of the steps the governors took to limit the spread. Had they not done so, you'd have apparently got your wish in that it would have been much, much, more devastating.


Hope LVAC is still 24/7.

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