Sisolak signs directive

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Governor Sisolak announced that the emergency directives expiring on July 31 will be extended. 

Directives that will be extended include: limiting business occupancy to 50 percent and limiting gatherings to a maximum of 50 people.

Bars, pubs and taverns in specified Nevada counties with a high risk of transmission will remain closed, the governor's office said.

The state of Nevada will move to a long term mitigation process. The plan will use criteria based on long term trends to reduce fluctuation between counties to see who is getting progressively worse.

An advisory group made up of public health, hospital, business enforcement and local government officials will review the data, recommending further enforcement initiatives. 

Information regarding Governor Sisolak's long-term strategy will be released in the coming days.

Local government agencies will continue to have the power to enforce the emergency directives.

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(16) comments


Nevada has turned into a joke. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can't be found here. The last person leaving Nevada can turn off the lights. The service industry is dead.


It has and it's quite disturbing . Sisolak is destroying this city. We need to STAY OPEN in order to survive. He will be the reason why it dies.... We don't need travel restrictions like the whiny ninny's seanwally and ginger are wanting. Too many are sheep and I find it disturbing how easily they're lead. I consider the morons the ones that are desperate to be lead like sheep and keep the mask on etc. Mask in the end are what is going to kill you. Also, Ginger, dear, trust the medical world more than ever. I do NOT. I worked in the medical field for 30 years and I do NOT like what I am seeing from them. They're going along with the charade and I find that disturbing. MASK will NOT SAVE YOU!!!!!! Even the phony Facui knows this!


Drs in Nevada are AWFUL. Sisolak was installed via Voter Fraud. Hes now decimating the economy in Nevada on purpose and the corrupt legislature just approved "ballot harvesting" Thats how DemocRats CHEAT! Sisolak should be arrested for murdering people he didnt allow to take the Hydroxychloroquine. Hes a paid shill for Soros to murder Americans for profit.


Sisolak did it on purpose. Now all of the CEOs are selling their mansions. every day more multi million dollar homes go up for sale. Vegas is going to be Atlanta soon. All Black "activist" women installed by Soros will be installed. Sisolak works for China and Soros hes CORRUPT..


Are you doing okay? It just seems some of these posts are a cry for help. If you like we can go to the sports page and have some less heated discussions. I'm quite excited baseball is back. But anyway as a response your statements: Adam Laxalt would have done about 90% of the same things as Sisolak, such as the budget cuts instead of raising taxes, he is not that far left. I'm not saying he is a good governor, just that he is not part of a secret conspiracy to destroy America.


That is just an assumption on your part. Sisolak is the governor and he's essentially killing the service industry. The bartenders, waiters, and waitresses can't live on unemployment forever. This country has essentially been shut down since March. But we can all be thankful that toilet paper is readily available again.


All I can do is make an educated guess on what Laxalt would do based on his record and his efforts with the Trump campaign to bring more personal protective gear and ventilators to Nevada. Laxalt is taking this sickness seriously and trying to help fight it.


It is dead around the world, even countries like New Zealand that have had no new cases are suffering economically as they rely heavily on tourism and are unable to open their borders.


Governor , the gyms need to close and stop all air travel from all the hot spots. Do not allow flights to continue roundtrip from those states because everything you would have done to mitigate will be futile and all effort gone! Do the right thing and shut the city down in Las Vegas. If we want work to return and jobs then we must do this right now It is urgent!!!


Shut up Commie


Mr. Sisolak, none of these measures will be any good if you keep casinos open. They are spreading this virus big time and so are the airlines. Bringing people from hot spots into our city was a bad idea. Casinos do not have to be open right now. We can all shelter in place so that we can eradicate this virus sooner than other states and we won't have to re-close again. But if you keep casinos open and airlines flying people in here, we are bound to have a major relapse. Schools need to remain closed. Masks must be mandatory in order to combat this virus. The flu season is coming and the real test will be upon us soon. Why wait for it to get so bad you can't control it? Do something now and be proactive.


Dumbfk Communists Why dont you stay home and rot while the rest of the world LIVES THEIR LIVES. If the ASSHO Governor Shitlack allowed Drs to Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine People wouldnt be DYING! Sisolak is a paid shill for Soros killing Nevadans.

Voz de Razon

How about : YOU stay home and cower in place under your bed. We won't stop you.

And those who aren't afraid of a bug with LESS than 1% mortality, can LIVE our lives.


Good thing to do. They should be extended and toughened as well. We need travel restrictions on the morons coming in from Arizona and California, and gyms need to close as well. No good will come from any of this if it is not done. Medical science has proved it more than once over the last few weeks already. And I trust medical science more than the morons who own these places or go to them.


Shut up you dumb btch


Since you being one of the brainiacs on this site and city know all, here is what you do..invite all your moron friends over to your house and set up a giant picnic table in your yard if you even have one. Serve and drink beer to your hearts content, wheeze and cough at each other, show off your tattoos of course, and all your 'Bimbos' can play waitress and serve all you brain dead's. We might get lucky and get rid of a few more of you. At least that way it is only you and your Einstein friends, and not the general public that is innocent in all of this and has to put up with your stupidity

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