Virus Outbreak-Nevada

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak responds to a question during a news conference at the Sawyer State Building in Las Vegas, Tuesday, March 17, 2020. (Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun via AP)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Gov. Sisolak on Wednesday announced that he will be extending the state's "stay-at-home" order.

In an interview with ABC News, Gov. Sisolak said, "Unfortunately, we're going to have to extend the 'Stay at Home' order that we have for a little bit because we have not reached exactly where we want to get on the downward trajectory."

Gov. Sisolak went on to say that the state is seeing its COVID-19 numbers plateau.

"Our statistics have plateaued. We've got almost 5,000 cases now in the State of Nevada, 225 fatalities, so those numbers have kind of stabilized and our hospitalizations and our intensive care hospitalizations have begun to decline, so that's what we're looking for to continue to bring our economy back to life a little bit."

Gov. Sisolak announced on Tuesday that he will be sharing details of Nevada's "Roadmap to Recovery." During his interview with ABC, Sisolak provided insight as to what can be expected.

"As you know, we're calling it 'Nevada United Roadmap to Recovery,'" Sisolak said in his interview "We're going to ease some of the restrictions that we had previously as it relates to retail curbside pickup, some of our outdoor activities, we're going to loosen up some of the restrictions on."

In response to a question of when does Gov. Sisolak think casinos will be able to reopen as Mayor Goodman pushes for them to open immediately, the governor answered, "Well, Mayor Goodman has downtown Las Vegas, the Strip is actually Clark County and we've got a great partnership with Chairwoman Kirkpatrick and the County Commission and Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve in particular to help us with the reopening."

Sisolak went on to say that he's had regular contact with the resort operators and cautioned that it's not as easy as "flipping on a switch."

"I have regular contact with the resort operators. It's not something as simple as flipping a switch and suddenly everybody's going to come back to Las Vegas," Sisolak said. "We're going to have to work on the travel part of this, that's one of the reasons why we're joining with the other states."

Gov. Sisolak, who last week shared that the state would reopen in phases, provided some info in terms of what phase casinos would be in.

"The opening of casinos and the gaming enterprises will probably come in a third or fourth phase in what we're doing here because we're just not quite ready yet to handle that type of volume," Sisolak said.

"We want everybody to come to Las Vegas, Las Vegas is a great place. Reno's a good place to come and have a great time as well but it has to be safe and that's what we need to do for our employees and for our visitors who are coming here," Sisolak added. "Our Culinary Union 226, for example who handles the Strip, they've had 11 fatalities of their members and I'm going to do everything that I can to make sure that they don't double that number in the future."

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(15) comments


Shutting everything down was as easy as throwing a switch. Restarting will take months, maybe years. This might be a good time for people to consider moving away to other parts of the country where the future is brighter. This is a one-pony town, and that pony is real sick these days.


Need to remove the governor total political agenda.

going to make us have a state income tax before he is done


Exactly right. He was following the governor of Seattle in California for his own political agenda. The curve has been flattened in Nevada. The hospitals have plenty of room and preparation. It is time to stop making excuses and open up. What this man is doing even though he won't get voted back in will cause damage for years to come to Nevada. It's unbelievable. He needs to be voted out. What a terrible choice for governor no. He has had no plan for weeks. Un employment rate in Nevada is higher than anywhere in the country. It's unbelievable. Terrible governor


He's a n*zi like the rest of them and this is the closest they can get to having Hitlers camps again


Y'all are correct. It is not a stay at home order, because people are not staying at home. It's a keep businesses closed order, far more damaging. If food stores and "essential" businesses can manage to keep risks down, why can't other businesses? Makes no sense!


Hmmm.... is it too late to vote for Joe Exotic!!!


F**k you, Sisolak! You're on power trip. Your days are numbered.

Voz de Razon

The irony!

Sisolak deludes himself. He calls them stay-at-home orders. But when you get right down to it, it's just small business and casino shutdown orders.

Nobody is staying at home. We never stayed in. He's just hatefully making it so we can't go to quite everywhere we'd like to (including work to make a living)

If he's not seeing the dreaded spike now, he never will. Surprise, Joseph Stalin Sisolak. We're not cowering in place.

He flipped the switch to shut it down for a boogeyman and now to save face - and harm the economy for as long as he can- he's being melodramatic.

Another irony....... SISOLAK IS STILL GETTING PAID. No wonder he doesn't feel any push to get things going. He's fat and happy with his paycheck WHILE DENYING OTHERS THE SAME 😱😱😱😱

There needs to be a law that those who impose a lockdown can't receive a paycheck during the lockdown - nor retroactively.


He isn't serious about extending stay at home order. Or is he??? Only time will tell. The walls are closing in on Sisolak.


you do realize that you are amongst the minority right?


Well False you must be among the welfare recipients or government workers still getting paid. However the states unemployment department is failing for so many Nevadans. We need guidance for reopening.

Voz de Razon

Or you are.

I see a lot more support for opening up than for the alternative which is curling up in the fetal position in your basement indefinitely.

But if you're scared of bug with less than 1% mortality, please assume that fetal position. Just don't tell the rest of us how we have to live.


Extend the "Suggestion" for those at risk but you only have to go to a food store or warehouse and see how many people are going daily just to get a few things and get out of the house... not a very smart stay at home plan .. why not let small business open with smart guidance ... Glad I work for an essential business, we used masks, disinfectant, gloves and shields before this problem. Any contractor should have PPE in stock and ready. (We might have donated our N95 but have a stock of the OK for non health workers KN95 and if you use those and also practice proper distancing according to public health people we will be doing what they suggest.)

Voz de Razon

It's not so much "stay at home" as it is "shutdown casinos and small businesses to SPITE the economy"


Well, I have to agree with some of the comments I have read about stay at home orders in other states and that is the whole state is not the same and the governor needs to spend some time figuring out how to approach the metro areas from rural areas. Not to do so is not good leadership.

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