Nevada Governor Sisolak

Nevada Governor-elect Steve Sisolak speaks at an International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union hall Friday, Jan. 4, 2019, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Businesses are preparing to open under Phase 1 of the Nevada recovery plan.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- In a Thursday address, Governor Steve Sisolak announced Nevada will enter Phase 1 of reopening the state on Saturday.

Sisolak said Nevada reached the appropriate guidelines for reopening, including downward trajectory of cases and hospitalizations.

Businesses can open as early as 12:01 a.m. May 9. Phase 1 is set to expire on May 30, but Sisolak said the state could enter Phase 2 before that date, provided that public health benchmarks are met.

"All employers and businesses shall require employees to wear face masks, especially those who have face-to-face interaction with the public," Sisolak said, adding that he encourages all people to wear face coverings in public.

Businesses allowed to reopen with Phase 1 include restaurants and bars that serve food, which can open for dine-in with 50 percent capacity and six-foot spacing. Bar seating must remain closed. Standalone bars are not permitted to reopen during Phase 1. 

To avoid gatherings of more than 10 people in one room, patrons must wait outside or in their cars while waiting to be seated for dine-in. 

Barbershops, hair salons and nail salons may reopen under strict social distancing requirements. If partitions are not already in the establishment, guests can sit in every other chair with at least six feet of distance. Appointments are required and walk-ins should not be permitted. 

Spas and tanning salons, massage parlors, body art and piercing establishments are not permitted to open during Phase 1. 

Retail businesses may reopen with 50 percent occupancy, including those that have been deemed essential and currently are open. Grocery stores will not be permitted to reopen self-serve food options. 

Open-air malls may also reopen, however, indoor malls must remain closed to the public and can operate curbside service.

Auto dealers are permitted to provide test drives starting on Saturday, as long as only household members are allowed in the car. 

Cannabis dispensaries may conduct in-store sales only after submitting a plan and receiving approval from state regulators. 

Bars, nightclubs, gyms, sporting event venues, and gaming establishments will not reopen in Phase 1, Sisolak said. The Gaming Control Board will decide the reopening of casinos when it's deemed safe, according to Sisolak.

Entertainment venues including live music and movie theaters (unless drive-in), bowling alleys, arcades, racetracks, zoos, aquariums, mini golf and amusement parks are not permitted to open in Phase 1.  

Large group gatherings should still be avoided, Sisolak said. Members of vulnerable populations should still shelter-in-place, according to Sisolak's guidance.

Local governments shall continue limiting the general public's use of shared recreational equipment, including playground equipment, basketball courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields, beaches, or football fields, to prevent congregations of ten or more people. 

State parks will continue to be limited to day use only, in Phase 1. Religious services will also continue to be permitted drive up services, as long as congregants stay in their vehicles and remain six feet apart.  

Sisolak added that county governments may tailor specific restrictions for businesses and public gatherings, so long as they meet state standards at minimum. Businesses may also choose to impose standards stricter than what the state requires. 

The governor last week extended the state's stay-at-home directive to May 15 and unveiled "'Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery,' the state's plan to reopen the economy, put Nevadans back to work and transition into a new normal while continuing to employ safeguards against COVID-19."


Sisolak's advisory for phase 1 reopening

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(31) comments


Please do NOT refer to massage clinics as "parlors." This is a DEROGATORY reference which results in unsolicited sexual advances. Massage therapy offices and clinics are for self-care, we are NOT brothels.

de Razor

Pressure finally got to Gov Sissy-o-lack.. Seriously doubt he'll have a 2nd term..


Meanwhile, people will continue to starve, fall behind on their bills, lose their livelihoods and so on. And for what? A little bit of safety from a virus that is on par with a bad flu in relation to deaths?

Newsflash Sisolak- Historically more people have died from poverty and starvation. shut down of our Casino's, entertainment, spa's and so on will crush and further destroy our economy.

You should not be getting paid either. None of you elected should receive a paycheck until this disaster you all created is fixed and everyone who lost their income can go back to work.


Kate, I know this is hard but please try to think instead of selfishly ranting from emotion because you can't get your nails did.

Even if COVID-19 was "on par with a bad flu" (it isn't), a bad flu has not completely overwhelmed hospitals like it has in many countries around the world (Italy, Spain etc). The main issue is not just that it's deadly, its how contagious it is, and how you can have zero symptoms and still carry/spread it, unlike the common flu.

Trump himself said that if we didn't have the stay at home measures we would have MILLIONS of deaths, instead of the number we have now:

Keep in mind all of this is happening with Trump as president, and the stay at home guidelines are initially coming from his own administration.


Wonder if dog parks will open, dont see why they closed in first place.


This is a good first step, lets keep on social distancing and hopefully we can move to phase 2 in two in weeks.

Voz de Razon

Yes. Because since March, nobody has an immune system anymore. 🙄🙄🙄


Actually that is a common misconception, the immune system is our number one way of fighting against this virus. We practice social distancing to slow down the number of cases but not reduce the overall number. Unfortunately many people need hospitalization to support their immune system's fight against the virus. The goal is to make sure the medical system is not over run with patients all at the same time. It is a tactic that has been used against disease for hundreds of years.


There is no reason that gyms shouldn't be open with proper distancing. The governor doesn't seem to know what going to a gym is all about. Even our apartment gym is closed-ridiculous!


Agreed but this is about getting the healthy seniors unhealthy so that they will succumb to this virus. Verified in text by Councilman Munk. She replied as the answer to this point above, wow, great job, we are lucky, we have weights at home.


Yes, gyms should be open. I doubt his flabby bureaucratic butt has ever seen the inside of one.


Sissy lacks you are a moron and I hope you enjoy your recall election.

Voz de Razon

Did we get enough signatures? 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼


Anyone who has not signed it yet, please do. The last day is the 14th I think.



Voz de Razon

He doesn't care. He's still pulling in his paycheck.

The original reason for the shutdown was to "flatten the curve". Now we've moved on to "let's act like no one has an immune system"

A better idea would be just a blanket policy ===> if you're scared of a bug with less than a 1% mortality, stay home. If you're not, live your life. The government is not meant to be a nanny.


When will the gyms open???? They are much more essential that his flabby bureaucratic butt.

Voz de Razon


Everything is essential to someone.


Yes! I've been say that. Just because our elected morons think most of main street jobs aren't essential doesn't mean they aren't essential to the people who own and work at those businesses.


Governor Clueless , if you want to fix unemployment open us back up. Let me connect the dots for you, if people are working they aren’t filing unemployment claims.


unemployment will be a problem now, tomorrow, next year,the year after and so on.....but you won't care.

You didn't care last year.

You just want your voice heard.

Your just ignorant to the rest if the world.

You also don't bother researching facts.

Your are a dodo.

You will be extinct soon.

Because your beliefs are with that of the dodo

Voz de Razon

You talk about research, but you cite nothing.

Perhaps you could research Sweden, Iowa, or any number of states in Brazil who did not plunge a dagger into their belly to save them from the overblown CoronApocalypse


Just open everything back up! This whole thing has been a sham set out to destroy President Trump. Guess what? We're voting for him again.


You're completely, totally, unabashedly CLUELESS.

Surely, you having the internets & googles, can see pictures of the freezer trucks lined up with dead bodies stacked like cordwood in NYC, because they simply don't have the processing capabilities at the morgues to even embalm them in a timely manner... Surely, you can read (or have read to you) the horror stories emanating from COVID wards around America? Certainly, you've heard of the thousands of workers getting COVID at our meat-processing plants, now causing shortages (& higher prices) of meat...Maybe you could express your enormously misinformed opinion as to how this 'hoax' has been perpetrated on a WORLDWIDE scale; that's one heck of a complex hoax! But, if you're only watching Fox on the box & listening to the guy in the Oval lying constantly *(& verifiably so) to you & you are unwilling to believe fact & science, then I suppose there's not much society can do to help you.


Keep listening to CNN and MSNBC. Totally worthless networks made especially for people who have lost all sense of reality and think death is waiting around every corner for them. Have a good life.


I stand by what I say. Its been a sham. You folks that THINK it wasn't, will find out. Democrats are DOA.

Voz de Razon

Is that true? Or did you see it on CNN?


Just one example of the fake news surrounding the coronavirus. Do a search and you can find tons more examples.

If the link doesn't post you can search for Michigan hospital used employees to pretend they were in line for coronavirus test. What that did was make it look like there were 100's in line sick with potential coronavirus. It was a lie like most of the other news coverage.


Tell italy that you complete dim wit

Ryan Masters

Why? Not one Trumpian can give me a good reason to vote for him again.


1st. I doubt any one who is a Trump supporter voted for Sisolak.

2nd. I doubt any Trump supporter would support a vote for him in the first place.

Anyone who votes for a far left Democrat will get more of the same of what has happened in every liberal ran state over Covid-19. Same goes for the Rhino ran states.

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