Virus Outbreak-Nevada

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak responds to a question during a news conference at the Sawyer State Building in Las Vegas, Tuesday, March 17, 2020. (Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun via AP)

UPDATE (8 p.m.) -- Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said in a follow-up that information on Phase 2 would be released via a written statement.

On Twitter, the governor said it was due to technical difficulties. 

UPDATE (May 25) -- Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak canceled his in-person press conference scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday after possible exposure to COVID-19, he announced on Twitter.

Gov. Sisolak said he plans to update Nevadans on Tuesday night via a recorded video. 

"Late last week, I visited a work place where an employee, who was not in the building at time, has since reported testing positive for COVID19. My Office learned of the positive test result on Tuesday," Sisolak said on Twitter. "I am scheduled to take a COVID19 test on Wednesday and I will inform Nevadans of these results. At no point since the potential exposure have I experienced any symptoms."

The time of the video's release is not yet known.

ORIGINAL REPORT: LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Governor Sisolak on Friday announced he will hold a news conference next Tuesday, May 26 to discuss Phase 2 of Nevada's "Roadmap to Recovery."

The Phase 2 announcement will take place in Carson City from the Nevada State Legislature building. Governor Sisolak is expected to make his remarks around 5:30 p.m. on May 26. Tuesday's press conference will be live streamed at   

Saturday marks two weeks since Phase 1 began. Since that time, according to Gov. Sisolak, the LEAP and the governor's office have been monitoring the first phase of reopening, analyzing data trends and evaluating potential plans for Phase 2.

If Nevada's COVID-19 data continues to reflect positive or consistent trends through the Memorial Day weekend, Gov. Sisolak said he will announce a Phase 2 reopening date during Tuesday's news conference, along with business reopening and statewide continuing operation guidelines.

In addition, Gov. Sisolak notes that the Nevada Gaming Control Board will be holding an informal workshop Tuesday where state and local health and safety officers will provide an update regarding COVID-19 response measures at resort hotels.  After presentations, Sisolak says the board will consider any action necessary with regard to reopening plans. Gaming properties are required to submit reopening plans to the Board for approval seven days before reopening, Sisolak noted.

Pending the evaluation of trends in Nevada's COVID-19 data along with the results of the Gaming Control Board meeting Tuesday, the governor has set a target date of June 4 for reopening Nevada's gaming industry.

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(20) comments


Gads, I love reading you fox-fed geniuses belly-aching about the Guv! Like 400 dead friends & neighbors & 8000 cases of COVID isn't enough over a few short weeks, the ONLY REASON it isn't hundreds & thousands higher is that the state SHUT DOWN ASAP at the start. "The virus wasn't near as bad as they predicted"! you scream in horror! YES. IT WAS. But, thanks to the Guv & our mitigation efforts of staying home & distancing, the numbers have THANKFULLY stayed much, much lower as a result. I get it; you're smarter than all the virologists, medical personnel, health org.'s, GOV officials & the like that have been/are working tirelessly to save us from the disease (& ourselves). Still, I'll listen to them & take my chances! It's not as though I don't empathize with all of Nev.'s unemployed, hungry, frustrated, angry citizens; I DO! It's just that COVID-19 does not care ONE WHIT of our frustrations. It's a diabolically dangerous, contagious disease that isn't CLOSE to being 'done' having it's way with us. These things pale in comparison to sickness & DEATH, which are both still coming in large enough numbers over the next year, regardless of our best *(or worst) efforts. It's a matter of DEGREE.


My take on this is it has been a display of hypocrisy at it’s finest, from all level of government at all levels. If they were that concerned about us they should of locked it all down and let the national guard bring my weekly rations to my front door. Sending infected people back home to infect family, leaving elderly in nursing homes to infect many others. Let’s not make doctors and nurses stay across the street at a hotel from work, let’s put them on a mass transit system to infect 6k transit workers and on home where they can infect family. This thing has been a sh#t show from the start. I don’t like that someone is picking who gets to eat and who goes hungry. They should of shut it all down or let it open. The government has proven they can’t take care of its citizens. The only thing they know how to do is fight wars and collect taxes other than that we r d- at best.


Tell Dorthy and the wizard I said HI


Really? These r the people in charge? WOW! We can’t even pull together a video! No wonder unemployment is jacked. Come on man, people in Nevada r starving. This is a full blown sh#t show. Embarrassing, smh


I am so over this BS and this P of S. Worst governor ever. Record unemployment and people loosing their livelihoods, unemployed still a mess and bobble head is off to Montana for a mini vacation. Total BS.


Sleazy's phase2 keep voters away from polling sites mail in only. State tax coming soon.


Why Sisolak cancel press conference??? Nevadans need to really ask questions


He definitely had this all planned. Never had any intention of opening. Casino heads will see to it that he loses his job.


egg on your face! smh


Hope his flabby bureaucratic butt allows gyms to open. They have taken precautions and people who are stressed need to work out. He doesn't care that people are losing their businesses.


When gaming reopens, does that rescind the 14 day self quarantine period? Or has that already been stopped?


FU dicktator Sissylick, open up completely and step down from office, your a disgrace

de Razor

Everyone, all together now, "OH THANK YOU ALMIGHTY GOV SISSY-O-LACK"


We didn't learn our lesson with his failures of the Oct 1 shooting. Now this virus shutdown. The only way to recall is petitions by mail only which is virtually impossible thanks to our liberal legislature. It's time for civil disobedience and shove it up his you know what.


Evaluating the data?? What a joke. The data and models are all wrong How can you evaluate wrong data??? People are still out of work, no food, bills are piling up and we are still evaluating the data. Sisolak really showed the people of Nevada he cannot lead a State and failed the Nevadans, unions,and business owners horribly over the past few months. Now we are evaluating the (wrong) DATA...


How is the data flawed and what solutions do you propose to provide the governor's office with accurate data to analyze?


The data is flawed due to an accurate model system. The point of the stay at home orders was to not overrun our healthcare system. Mission accomplished. The virus is not as deadly as the “experts “ predicted. Not to mention the over reach of this governor to outlaw operating businesses and getting back to work.

John de Robeck

We should have listened to anonymous internet posters from the very beginning.


My gosh well said. This is a terrible pick for governor. He is frazzled lost going off these models that are inaccurate. While people suffer the unemployment rate in Las Vegas is higher than anywhere in the world. True story. Yet mistakes this man is making even though he will not get voted in next year will take years and years for Las Vegas to comeback from. Extreme power hungry Democrats like this. Well this is what you get he needs to be voted out. Even though he's doing a unbelievable damage I'm not a Democrat and a republican I'm an American realist


On April 7th there was nearly 2000 deaths in a single day from coronavirus.

The country was well into its lockdown by then, if the governors had not acted when they did, there would have been many more days with that number of deaths just from coronavirus.

Americans are the only people in the world complaining about following health guidlines set my health professionals and there governors......

Says alot about many Americans......

Most hated people in the world because the idiots make more noise than the sensible ones.....such a pity!

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