County and City leaders discuss affordable housing and the need for more funding.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Eviction Moratorium expired October 15, but the federal moratorium through the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention lasts through December 31. You must meet certain criteria and take certain actions to be eligible for federal protections. 

According to research organization Guinn Center, 118,000 to 142,000 households could be vulnerable to evictions. Below is basic information to help you navigate the process.  

If you owe rent or backpay after Oct. 15, your landlord can pursue a court order for evictions. This is enforceable for homes, apartments, hotels, extended stays and other properties where you have established residency and owe backpay. 

Evictions cannot be carried out by your landlord -- only a constable can deliver a court order to force you to leave your property. 

According to LACSN, rent must be on time and could be subject to penalty fees after the moratorium expires. 


Since October 15, evictions for "non-payment of rent" have been allowed to proceed in court. 

You have the option to "file an answer" with your local justice court to get a hearing before a judge. You must do this in the timeframe expected in your eviction notice. You must fill out a Tenant Affidavit Form, available online at the Civil Law Self-Help Center or in person at your local Justice Court.  You can request from the judge more time to vacate, or request mediation with the landlord.  

You can request mediation and payment plans as an option on the form. 


The executive order gives power to the CDC to halt evictions to stop the spread of coronavirus. It's in effect through December 31 and applies to all 50 states.

The order asks that tenants meet certain criteria: you cannot earn more than $99,000 a year, you made the "best effort" to pay partial rent, you applied for all available aid resources, are in danger of becoming homeless and have submitted a federal "declaration form" from the CDC website to your landlord, the courts and a judge

If you can have the order notarized, Legal Aid recommends that. 

FOX5 breaks down the CDC's order on halting evictions nationwide and what that means for Nevada.


The Supreme Court of Nevada, with approval from Senate Bill 1, launched a program for free mediation help for tenants and landlords, all to negotiate payments before any court appearance or eviction order. The phone number is (702) 455-3898. The email address is Video meetings are also available. 

Representatives will provide mediation help and determine if the tenants are eligible for any state rental assistance programs. If a person is still waiting for unemployment payments, court officials will work with the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation for a prioritized payment, according to the Access to Justice Commission. 

According to DETR, adjudicators will work with mediators if unemployment payments are a factor in non-payment of rent. 

The court warns that eviction hearings will not be heard as quickly, due to a expected higher caseloads, and encourages Nevada residents to use the above mediation option. 

Thousands of Nevadans are facing uncertainty of eviction as the state's moratorium nears its end.


CDC - Access to the CDC Order, the downloadable declaration form, and answers to frequently asked questions at

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is available to help people with tips to navigate the process and help you find options. 

The hotline is (702) 386-1070

Nevada Legal Services is available for services via telephone or walk-in assistance. The website is

Their phone numbers are (866) 432-0404 and (702) 386-0404  


530 South 6th St.

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Rent and Mortgage Payment Assistance – To access statewide and local resources and programs offering potential assistance to help with rent, mortgage, or receipt of rental payments, go the portal available through the Nevada Housing Division at

Rental Mediation Program – Senate Bill 1 from the 32nd Special Session of the Nevada Legislature authorizes courts to grant a stay of eviction proceedings if the courts establish a mediation program.  Under this authority, the Nevada Supreme Court adopted a new eviction mediation program to steer certain types of eviction cases into mediation in the hopes that landlords and tenants could resolve their disputes themselves, instead of arguing in court, thereby reducing the number of people in the courthouse during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For additional information and answers to frequently asked questions, visit

Home Means Nevada, Inc. (HMN) offers a portal to access assistance for Nevada homeowners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including foreclosure mediation programs at


Courts in Las Vegas are looking for interpreters who are interested in helping Nevadans through the mediation process. According to the courts, they're expecting 135,109 possible evictions.

For details on how to become a court interpreter, click here.

Court interpreters help with potential agreements between tenants and landlords to divert evictions and keep people housed. Help is needed throughout the state, the courts say on the website. 

Mediations will mostly be help over the phone or through video depending on the participants. The final process for mediation is still being ironed out, the courts said, but upon filing, a 30-day stay would become automatic and the participating mediators would be used on a rotating list. 

Interpreters will be paid $25 per hour. 

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. Im 65+, im single, live alone. I do not qualify for any social security benefits. I was not qualify for SSI because i have a rental property, that does not bring income this year. My tenants do not pay rent, but unfortunately the law is on their side, i could not to evict them. They did not lost their job, have the same income...less than $99,000.00....they never made this money. ...but do not pay. I try to sell the property, but all buyers are looking for the empty unit. I need to pay all experience for two condos...for the rental and my own. I need buy the Health Insurance and somehow to survive. My situation is worst, looks that i should become a homeless soon. Please bring this question on public. Maybe any lawyer could help me.[yawn][yawn][yawn][yawn][yawn]


Start paying your rent people, there is no free lunch. The nanny state will not protect you.


You're right! No free lunch unless you're rich and white or are a mega corporation. Then its happy endings all around. America is a socialist country already, its just corporate socialism.


Never pay rent again LIVE FOR FREE !! just vote for Democrats and destroy all private landlords DESTROY the people Destroy Las Vegas FREEDOM IS GONE


Where is SISOLAK when people need him??? Never around until it happens. Not a leader but a follower.

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