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UPDATE (MAY 29): In an interview with FOX5 on Friday, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford confirmed that the eviction moratorium has been extended until at least June 30.

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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Saturday is May 2, which means rent and mortgage payments for struggling families would be due right now.

But with Governor Steve Sisolak’s stay-at-home order now set to expire later this month, how does that impact evictions and foreclosures?

“One of the big things that everyone was concerned about was making sure that, while we were asking people to stay at home for Nevada, that they had a home to stay in,” said Nevada State Treasurer Zach Conine. 

At the end of March, Sisolak signed his eighth emergency directive, which temporarily stops lockouts, notices to vacate, notices to pay or quit, evictions and foreclosures.

"The directive that protects from being foreclosed or evicted on, and that included commercial and residential, so single family homes where people have a mortgage, they can’t be foreclosed on," Conine said. "Renters can’t be evicted and if there’s a landlord who has a mortgage on the space where the renter is, they can’t be foreclosed on. All of that is paused until the end of the public health emergency.”

The directive is tied to the state of emergency, not any stay home orders or business regulations which are set to shift course this month. Currently, the state of emergency is set to expire May 15.

If you’re worried about getting kicked out for not paying rent in May:

“On that front, people don’t need to worry," Conine said. "Now we know that we also need to come up with solutions for the end of this. And we’ve come up with some great solutions for homeowners who have a mortgage ... That doesn’t help people who are in apartments and so now we’re working on that apartment process with the Attorney General’s office, our office ... as well as major stakeholders both on the apartments side and the tenants’ rights side.”

With measures already in place to help homeowners, Conine said he recognizes many renters are scared about what they could owe on the other side of all this.

“And we’re hopeful to come up with a solution that also keeps them in their homes and safe and doesn’t put them in a place where they have to make one big lump payment at the end of it," Conine said. 

He said now is the time to reach out to landlords regarding special accommodations. If you think your landlord isn’t following the current rules, you can call or file a complaint with the AG's office:

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This needs to be challenged by a class action suit against the government for taking control of our income. How can that be legal for the politicians to tell tenants they get free rent?? We have a lot of properties rented in LV and some of our tenants have now gone silent and will take advantage of this for as long as they can. So what happens to income? hoping a good attorney picks this up, they will have a long line of landlords on board that should be entitled to their income one way or another.

Ryan Masters

If you are a landlord and are worried about your tenants paying rent, then you need to read this:


that link is stupid and pathetic. Sure investors understand their risk and are at the mercy of the real estate market going up or down to gain or lose money. But this is the government seizing control of our income without any form of relief. This is not about the poor tenants, this is about creating an entitlement mentality whereby tenants will stay as long as they can because they can due to government seizure of privately owned property. The loss if income is on the landlord until the government is ready to open evictions back up? Tenants will ride this horse forever. This is a moron move and a moron article therefore i am sure you are a moron to show it.


So how are landlords supposed to pay bills since their renters are granted free rent by Sissylak?


If you weren't able to pay for April, May, and possibly June just pay it at the end of your lease, if you are able to get back to work. If your lease ends during this period you should be granted at least a 6 month grace period to pay it back if you are back at work. I know there are issues with this but its a start, time to brainstorm people let's help each other.


How dare this gutless, evil, coward throw landlords under the bus like this. How about postponing or cancelling property taxes for landlords for a year or so? He won't do that because his flabby bureaucratic butt knows nothing about governing or cutting spending. In fact, he will try to raise property taxes and most likely legislature will go along. Remember this when you vote this year!! Vote for the most conservative Republican running.


Great comments! You are a good American!

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