LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Electric Daisy Carnival's plan for its Las Vegas festival included requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test for attendees, mask-wearing and COVID-19 detection dogs, but didn't have plans for social distancing for its thousands of attendees.

According to a plan submitted to the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, EDC organizer Pasquale Rotella estimated about 200,000 people would attend the festival per day over a three-day span, May 21-23. Organizers said it would require face coverings for all and utilize a "health pass" to ensure negative testing or coronavirus inoculation.

Rotella and other Insomniac officials did not have plans for keeping festivalgoers in "pods" or enforcing social distancing during the event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, citing the aforementioned health requirements. Organizers also pointed to the outdoor nature of the event, citing its "low risk" for transmission venue.

Nevada Department of Business and Industry spokesperson Teri Williams confirmed that EDC submitted the plan to officials, but that the plan was not approved by the state. Williams said EDC organizers have yet to submit a revised proposal for consideration.

The event is six weeks away.

Rotella announced late Thursday afternoon that the festival would go on as planned in May, without providing comment on a revised plan to the state.


Among the mitigation measures outlined in the plan, Insomniac said it was "closely monitoring" studies on COVID-19 scent-detection dogs. Like drug-sniffing dogs, Insomniac said it could deploy canines at the venue entrances to screen attendees "for an additional line of defense."

The Journal of Osteopathic Medicine released a study in February suggesting that previously trained scent-detection dogs could conduct non-intrusive screening of COVID-19. Insomniac said it would use COVID-19-sniffing dogs if studies "conclusively" found that the screening method was effective.

If an attendee was flagged by a dog, the attendee would be sent to an isolation area where a second dog would screen them, Insomniac said in its plan. The patron would receive a COVID-19 test if flagged by both dogs and would have to quarantine if the test came back positive.


EDC 2019

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on May 18, 2019. (Courtesy, Insomniac Events)

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