LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- Halloween is just two weeks away, and the CDC says by that time, everyone older than six months should get a flu shot.

Doctors predict the upcoming flu season could be especially severe.

"Don't delay it much longer," said Dr. Christina Madison, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Roseman University of Health Sciences. "We are definitely kind of bracing ourselves for the potential for influenza activity, because of the fact that we have more people gathering in larger groups."

Madison added that COVID-19 mitigation measures helped keep flu cases down last year, which helped Southern Nevada's health care infrastructure. 

"We basically had no flu cases last year because of all the public health measures that we did," Madison said.

Because of that, she said it is inconclusive what are the consequences if a person with COVID-19 also catches the flu.

"We already know that COVID-19 predisposes people to, like, COVID-19 pneumonia, and a lot of inflammation. It could be catastrophic. We don't know," said Dr. Madison. "Anytime your body's already fighting off something else, it does make it more difficult for you to fight of another infection."

This holiday season, if people gather more and take fewer health measures, it could mean more flu cases in the Las Vegas Valley and beyond, Madison said. She advises her patients to get the flu shot by the end of this month.

"In order to be protected or a long enough period of time, for the anticipated peak of influenza season later on in the year," said Dr. Madison.

She said it's perfectly safe to get the COVID-19 shot and the flu shot at the same time.

If you don’t have a regular health care professional, you can find flu shots at many places in the community, including health departments and pharmacies.

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