Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation said on Monday the unemployment insurance website was successfully updated over the weekend.

According to a media release from DETR, they launched a feature on April 18 to allow filers another option to reset their online password at any time through the day. 

This page is tailored to help users that have an existing account in the system but have forgotten their password or password recovery questions. The password recovery screen is accessed after the filer enters their username on the 'Claimant Login' screen. Filers simply click on a link and are then forwarded to the password recovery page. 

To locate the online feature, in addition to the existing password form, click here:

To file for unemployment in the state of Nevada, filers can use the online application available 24 hours per day at Claimants are asked to file their UI claims online and reserve the phone lines for individuals who are not able or do not have the necessary resources to file online.

"Online filing during non-peak hours, such as early mornings, at night or weekends is also highly recommended," DETR said.

The new system to file by last name started on Sunday. Last names A-K are asked to file on Sundays. Last names L-R are asked to file on Mondays. Last names S-Z are asked to file on Tuesday. Wednesday through Saturday are open for all claim types including weekly filing.

For more information, click here

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How about fixing phone lines. Three weeks now I have been calling from 8am to 930am around 300 plus calls. I get thru once and doesnt give me call back option, once recording is done say all reps are busy try back. Then i keep calling i will get thru again around 930 and will tell me que is full for the day. I email them because says it is in delay because my pension. Still nothing.


Sry Que is full for they day.


How about fixing phone lines. Everyday call 300 plus times from 8am-930am get thru but doesnt give me call back option. Then when I get thru again says question is full for the day try back another day. Been this way for three weeks now.

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