Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas saw positive job growth in June, as compared with May, after the reopening of certain sectors in the city, months after COVID-19 closures brought business to a halt, according to data from the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s (DETR).

In June, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) grew by 8.7 percent, primarily in the hospitality and leisure vocations, according to release sent Tuesday. Elsewhere in Nevada, Reno saw an increase in 4.6 percent job growth and Carson City grew by 2.9 percent.

Year over year, data shows a statewide job decrease by 10.5 percent since June 2019, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Las Vegas accounted for 14.2 percent, Reno for 7.5 percent and Carson City for 8.4 percent, respectfully. 

"The month’s numbers reflect the significant impact of COVID-19 restrictions on employment and unemployment in the state and the rapid change we should expect once those restrictions can be safely lifted. While encouraging, it is important to remember that conditions have changed since the middle of June, and the evolving public health landscape and necessary restrictions may continue to impact Nevada’s labor market for several months to come,” DETR Chief Economist David Schmidt said in a statement.

DETR uses economic trends to generate seasonally adjusted totals, leaving June with about a 15 percent unemployment rate. However, due to the reopening of some businesses, each aforementioned MSA saw decreases in total unemployment compared to months prior. Las Vegas had an unemployment rate of 18 percent for the month of June, down from May's 28.8% and April's high of 34 percent.

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