LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Tens of thousands of independent contractors have started to receive their unemployment aid and many are still waiting. Starting this week, 30,000 will get a notice that they were denied.

As of Thursday night, the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation received 272,400 claims for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, or PUA. That jumped dramatically, almost 70,000 from the week before.

Nevada DETR is looking at why there was a big jump. Claims do not necessarily show the number of people receiving money, as some apply twice to get results.

Of the claims filed, DETR said 104,319 have received payments, with 23,997 not filing a weekly claims. A weekly claim is required to receive continued payments.

This week, 35,000 people will receive a PUA denial notice. DETR said this is because of a "failed identity verification," meaning the agency couldn't match all information provided with records.

There is no way to appeal a denial yet. DETR said the function will be available later this month.


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[thumbdown] This article was a very nice PR parrot job handed down by DETR. Many have jumped through EVERY hoop the DETR has continued to produce. We have spent HOURS on hold, we have been hung up on once connected, and given conflicting or inaccurate information when we have spoken with someone, It took me personally over 600 calls with each a 5 minute hold with auto disconnect, then hit redial. There are better ways to be productive with ones day than spend 8 hours doing this. I spoke with someone 4 times in this last 5 weeks. Twice to be told everything was fine, be patient. Then I had another tell me she didn't know what was going on and sorry, I would just have to wait. Then last time was "Payment issue regarding my bank's routing number " (which is a nationwide FDIC major bank, the bank statement was also uploaded to them initially, there should be no question it's my account should someone have glanced at my file ever..) she had me upload my DL,SS and proof of address to my account, email their fraud dept. and notify them I had done so. This was done nearly two weeks ago, I have also followed up with emailing this address an additional two times. I have heard nothing back . My claim has NO outstanding issues and has been "IN PROGRESS" for over 5 weeks now. NO ONE can tell me what is going on. I am one of thousands that filed between May 16-May 23. Meanwhile my neighbor upstairs was paid within a week filing in late May and went through none of this. I have used my cushion, and I am out of options, like most of my fellow first filers.

They have 32 adjudicators who have no authority to do much of anything. everything they do had to be handed off to one of EIGHT DETR representatives to be finalized and at this rate. They will have them finished by 2023, NO joking. We are getting desperate that our pleas have not been addressed or even acknowledged. No one is in a position of authority to lead and make blanket decisions at DETR. The only thing they seem to be quite skilled with is blaming others and giving you scripted answers and questionable numbers that vary widely . Their blame has shifted every week on a new reason, but what has remained consistent is them not being at fault. They are NOT doing the best they can. I am sure there are excellent employees there whose hands are tied because there is no one to give them authority to get something done. Meanwhile, no one wants to accept the reins at this stage as it's been grossly mishandled from the beginning. Nevada was the last state to launch the program , it wasn't a surprise, but planning wasn't done on the front end for what needed to be implemented to launch successfully. Hiring and training should have been done in April. The best thing that could happen right now is for DETR to acknowledge they are understaffed and APOLOGIZE to the people of Nevada for continuing to blame them . Give someone the authority to lead and make decisions, and get the people of Nevada their payments. Once people's identification is clear and verified, they have self certified, the state of Nevada has accountability and can pay us. Any adjudication can be done later, as they ORIGINALLY promised. Some of us haven't had a check in 4 months, If I could return to work I would ,happily. As of now, I cannot yet. My job is much more enjoyable than dealing with this mess. This article above is one sided, misleading, and informs no one that is affects about anything substantive . The DETR has a court date tomorrow on paying out claims. It's funny how they had time to get nearly everyone named in the suit paid ...I just hope the court sees through it all and realized there are thousands of others on that class action who are not named who are waiting too...

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