Culinary Union Right to Return rally

(Kyle Oster/FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Members of the Culinary Union are making a push for the passage of Senate Bill 386 during the final days of the 2021 Nevada Legislature.

The Right to Return bill would allow tens of thousands of laid off hospitality, casino, travel, and stadium workers the chance to return to their jobs if they were laid off due to COVID-19.

Thursday, union members met outside of the Culinary Union building in Las Vegas for the launch of a canvasing campaign to raise awareness for the bill. Union members say they are being replaced by people who are working for less money and less benefits.

We spoke to former Red Rock Casino employee Dan Serwinowski, who says he worked at Red Rock Casino for 14 years before he was let go due to the pandemic.

He says people just want their old jobs back.

"All we want is to work. They're talking about people don't want to work they just want to collect unemployment. They're holding job fairs and other stuff, you don't need job fairs let us go back to work. We want to work."

The Nevada State Legislature is set to adjourn on June 1.

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If these employees are long time seasoned employees the casinos in doing the right thing, should consider them first. It almost seem like the industry is trying to cut costs, bringing up profits in doing this. It's unfortunate, but mandating this on business never bodes well. The backlash could business moving their operations out of state.

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