LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Members of the Culinary Union believe that everyone on casino properties should wear face coverings, not just employees. 

The union's Secretary-Treasurer said she is concerned about recent upticks in daily coronavirus cases. She urged officials to require everyone to wear face coverings when in public, to better protect employees. 

"Why are we different from California? Why are we different from all of the states that say, 'You need to wear a mask'?" said Geoconda Argüello-Kline. 

The comments came on Monday during a virtual press conference hosted by Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165, which represents 60,000 workers in Las Vegas and Reno. The union has released its own public health guidelines, which it urges officials to adopt. 

Argüello-Kline and three union members expressed consensus that hotel guests should be wearing masks to protect employees from COVID-19.

Three of the union members who spoke during the press conference said that they were not comfortable with guests using face coverings on a voluntary basis, as state guidelines currently allow. One member said she noticed about 10% of guests wearing face coverings. 

Members added that they worried about bringing the virus home to infect household members.   

In addition to making masks mandatory for guests, Argüello-Kline emphasized other demands for state officials to add to health guidelines -- daily, deep cleaning of employee facilities; mandatory testing for the virus and checking temperatures of people before they come inside the hotels; and personal protective equipment for all employees.

The Culinary Union has been keeping track of which hotels and casinos have followed its health guidelines. Members and the public can find this information at


Culinary Union Local 226

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(2) comments


Would you spend thousands of dollars, fly thousands of miles just so you can sit at a blackjack table and lose money wearing a mask. I think not. You need to RECALCULATE. Thousands of jobs are hanging in the balance.


Simply amazing that it takes a union to garner attention to something that has been troubling since casino's re-opened. The lack of masks and social distancing. Hey Macho Men, just because a lot of gyms have shuttered, does not mean tumble into local casinos spreading your germs because you can get that free 'brew' after you inserted your mighty dollar into a slot machine. And the same applies to your trophy prize on your employees are not part of an experiment of cow towing to you fools, and we are not your personal valets either. If you have no respect for yourselves because you are 'mighty and invincible' and above masks, do Las Vegas a favor and stay home. I personally don't need or want you in my orbit. Infect the rest of your Californians and Friends in Arizona or other family members or gym buddies. We however could care less whether you come here or not, because we and myself am not risking my health to kiss your stupid vein you know what's.......

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