LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The need for contact tracers is growing. Adecco, a staffing and temp agency, said it’s the most requested job right now.  

“If companies are large enough and feel like it’s a benefit to them we are seeing requests from around the country,” said Jason Guggisberg 

Guggisberg is Adecco’s Vice President and head of the medical and science division. 

He said they started seeing a demand for contact tracers in March and April, mostly from public health departments. 

He said it only took six to eight weeks to place nearly 1,000 people in contact tracing jobs across Nevada and New York. 

“We are seeing that sort of shift from what we saw in April and March to now just being in the private sector ... Companies are just not feeling confident in their local health departments today and they’re wanting to make sure they’re keeping their employees safe,” said Guggisberg. 

Contact tracing isn’t new, it’s been an effective process to contain HIV, Tuberculosis or even food poisoning. Now this quiet technique has turned into a major job opportunity at a time when millions of Americans don’t have a job.

Guggisberg said contact tracing isn’t for everyone and recruitment is stringent.

“It’s definitely more than just a call center. Having that empathy and having to speak to somebody on the end of the other line to explain to them why you’re calling and how you can help keep the public safe.” 

Contact tracing may be the most popular job right now, but he said anything in a lab environment is a close second.

“We’re seeing a ton of need just do to the increased testing,” said Guggisberg. 

Some companies are even hiring safety monitors to make sure employees social distance and wear masks.

“I think that they’re trying to put together a comprehensive package right? Whether it’s contact tracing sort of coupled with the hall monitors if you will, to keep people safe, keep people working and keep their facilities open,” said Guggisberg. 

Right now most contact tracing jobs are remote. The pay is anywhere from $16-24 an hour.

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Hello, this is a contact tracer. I would like to ask you some questions about the Chinese virus......CLICK!


Please call it COVID-19, its actual name. There are so many viruses that come out of China that we can't call all of them the same thing without being in a constant ball of confusion. We even already have China virus which effects plants and causes Mosaic disease.

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