LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The National Association of Broadcasters canceled their Oct. 9 tradeshow Wednesday, and with major, large-scale conventions like CES right around the corner, professionals are concerned about which direction their industry might be heading in.

"We just hope that it doesn't domino," said Phil Jaynes, president of labor union IATSE Local 720. "Because NAB was actually the first show that canceled last time, in March of 2020. But then for us, it just dominoed from there. It's disappointing, but we've got other shows that are scheduled."

The broadcasters convention drew in more than 90,000 attendees in 2019, and employed thousands of workers throughout the valley.

Recently, NAB had announced they would require vaccinations for attendees.

The cancelation comes as a disappointment to would-be workers on the event.

Teamsters 631 Principal Officer Tommy Blitsch estimated there were about 700 of his union's members scheduled to begin load-in on NAB.

"I think NAB is like really the first big one that has those international ties," said Blitsch. "But I don't think it's time to panic yet, i think it's just part of weeding through this part of the virus."

Worre Studios in Las Vegas, a production space that opened during the pandemic, offers virtual and hybrid conventions, where people can join using their home webcams. They shared what kind of demand they're now seeing from upcoming tradeshow organizers in Las Vegas.

NAB Show 2019

Visitors crowd the walkways at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center on Monday, April 8, 2019. (Mark Damon/Las Vegas News Bureau)

"We've had a number of meeting planners, event planners, and production teams give us a ring and say, 'We're having cancelations. We're having parts of the country, or even international attendees, that can't attend,'" said Larry Smith, the president of Worre Studios.

"The priority was, 'How do we get everyone together?'" he explained. "But now it's becoming, 'How do we have a select team or group together, and then keep community, or have those other attendees who can't come, travel restrictions, delta variant etc., COVID compliance, where they can come here remotely?"

Blitsch and Jaynes both said that they were confident CES, slated for January 5 through 8, 2022, would proceed as scheduled. They said there has been no indication so far that there would be major changes.

NAB organizers added that while they're disappointed they won't be meeting next month in Las Vegas, they look forward to seeing attendees in April of 2022.

The cancelation of NAB comes in the wake of several major exhibitors pulling out at the end of last week, including Sony and Canon.

Steve Hill, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, said they "deeply value our three-decade long partnership with NAB and will greatly miss seeing their exhibitors and attendees this fall. We eagerly await the show's return in April."

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(4) comments


If NAB wants to cancel because they want people to come in unvaccinated then they can take their convention to a place where people would like to get covid-19 but not here in Las Vegas! Events and conventions need to make it mandatory to be vaccinated in order to make people feel safe and so that we help stop this virus from the unvaccinated spreading it. More so to protect those morons who are anti-vax and anti mask!


How can you feel safe when the so called vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting infected with the virus it was intended for. And you need multiple booster shots within a year of getting the vaccine. You don't see a problem with that.


If you want to live in a government controlled society, by all means move to communist china. Forcing the "vaccine" on people is NOT the answer, and the premadonnas who wanted to be the test cases should know that.


The only morons are the ones that think that getting vaccinated solves everything related to covid. It doesn't and you should know better. The vaccine doesn't prevent illness or the spread of the virus. Even the CDC has acknowledged that. There's the bigger picture. There are restrictions on travel from overseas which is probably a big consideration and I would guess that they are probably wanting to see all these big hyped up numbers of 'cases' come way down before attending these shows.

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