Online sales of hand sanitizer and other 'virus protectors' spiked over 800% this year in the US

Hand sanitizer sales have been spiking.

UPDATE (March 24): Community members were stepping up to help an elderly couple who run a farmers market.

Last weekend, someone stole all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Less then a day after the story aired, a couple jumped in to help -- and more help it on the way.

Watch the update above. 


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Someone recently stole toilet paper and hand sanitizer from a Las Vegas farmers market, they said Monday. 

"Can you even imagine that? What’s wrong with people?"said Sharon Linsenbardt. She owns Barn Buddies Rescue, a nonprofit that takes in abandoned and hurt animals. On the weekend, she and her husband run a farmers market called, The Las Vegas Farm. 

She has what community members can’t find in grocery stores: eggs, produce and baked goods. Linsenbardt said she’s been getting hundreds of calls from people asking about her eggs. 

She sells them at the farmers market every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

"We’re being real cognizant of staying 10 feet away from people. We’ve hired a security guard to be out front ... We let 10 or 12 people in," said Linsenbardt. 

Before anyone walks in, they have to wash and sanitize their hands. On Sunday, Linsenbardt ran out of eggs around noon so she sent the security guard home.

"After he went, I went out to close the gate and check on the restrooms and somebody had taken all of our toilet paper and all of our sanitizer out of our restrooms. I was so disappointed," said Linsenbardt. 

She and her husband are in their 70s. All the money she makes from her farmers market goes to her rescue animals. 

"To do that to a small farm like this and a small family operation like this is really, really sad. We can’t afford having people take stuff from us," she said. 

Linsenbardt said she will keep selling her eggs and produce, but she’s closing the bathrooms.

"Come in, shop, go home." 

Linsebardt said her goal is to stay open. She wants to help the community and her animals but as more people become infected and resort to petty crime, she said she might have no choice but to close up shop.

Normally, she said she's always looking for volunteers, but with social distancing, she said monetary donations are best. 

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