RTC bus in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The RTC is following the governor’s directive requiring people to wear face coverings while in public spaces, which includes on board public transportation.

"We understand that many people throughout Southern Nevada rely on the service and we are committed to providing the essential service to the community," said RTC spokesman Zac Prudhomme. 

Prudhomme did not specify whether RTC personnel would expressly refuse service to someone not wearing a mask. He emphasized that transit will have signs posted with information about the mandate and the requirement to wear face coverings. A limited supply of free masks will be available at the Bonneville Transit Center at the South Strip Transit Terminal, he said. 

For the safety of passengers and drivers, the RTC says bus floors, windows, interior rails and the driver's area are cleaned each night with a hospital-grade disinfectant, applied with electrostatic dispensers. 

To urge transit riders to comply with social distancing, the RTC says it has implemented the following:

  • Providing more space on routes by incorporating as many larger, high-capacity 60-foot or double-decker buses as possible, even on routes that do not typically need them. These larger buses are being used in lieu of the 40-foot buses that are typically used along RTC routes
  • Reducing close-proximity seating on buses by installing signs on seats that prompt riders to sit farther apart
  • Instructing drivers not to handle any money or passes from riders
  • Limiting customer presence (10 max) in our transit centers and a 10-minute limit per customer
  • Encouraging customers to download and use the rideRTC app to purchase passes as a form of touchless boarding
  • Encouraging drivers to use their safety enclosures, creating a barrier between drivers and passengers

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psyops at is best, cant wait to see this governor in a military tribunal


Cameras & hoodrats wearing masks ? Just asked for increasing criminal activity!

Voz de Razon

🙄🙄🙄 atomic eyeroll at the overreaction

Someone got a crazy idea and now we all have to play like it's real

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