LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Clark County Board of Commissioners discussed COVID-19 increasing cases and mitigation efforts during an emergency meeting on Tuesday afternoon. 

The board voted unanimously to require employees of indoor, public spaces to wear masks while at work. The requirement will go into effect on July 22. The board will take it up again on Aug. 17 when commissioners are scheduled to reconvene. 

The Southern Nevada Health District recommended requiring masks for everyone while spending time in indoor, public spaces such as grocery stores and gyms.

Dozens of community members lined up to make their voices heard. After several warnings from commissioners, a handful of people were escorted out of the meeting.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick and Dr. Legeun

Clark County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick and SNHD Dr. Fermin Leguen.

The board also voted to develop a marketing campaign for younger demographics, to address low vaccination rates among that group. 

Shortly after the vote, Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a statement in support of Clark County's decision, and said he was directing all state employees who work in Clark County to wear face coverings at work. 

Gov. Sisolak issued the following statement on Tuesday: 

I support the Clark County Commission for using their local authority to issue this mitigation measure amid significant community transmission in Southern Nevada and as we continue our joint effort to increase access and confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines. State agencies and leaders are working every day with my Office in joint unity with local leaders and health districts to combat recent increases. The State remains completely committed to provide every resource and support available to all of our counties as we see a rise in cases among the unvaccinated, driven by the Delta variant. If you are not vaccinated, or if you know someone who is not vaccinated, now is the time to get your shot and ensure that Nevada continues on our path to recovery. 

The Clark County School District, Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Nevada System of Higher Education have issued statements saying that they will ensure compliance in their Clark County institutions. 

Albertsons, which is owned by the same company as Vons, released a statement saying the grocery stores will follow the local policy, as well: 

Throughout the pandemic, the health and safety of our associates, shoppers, and everyone who walks through our doors has been our top priority. We will require our associates in Clark County, NV to wear masks and expect that our customers follow all applicable local and state regulations with respect to face coverings for their protection and for that of our associates.


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(20) comments


Some people should wonder why vaccinated tourist are not being allowed to enter isreal and other parts of the country, also ask why is the american academy of pediatrics wants all kids masked until vaccinated, go into their website and you will see pfizer their biggest donor. This whole thing is a cover up, ask why all of the sudden when the audit results are going to come in the covid distraction kicks in!


Well Well Well, Just as predicted the communist Dems have to keep the big lie of masks going through the 2022 midterms and the 2024 election. Sleazolak and company made mail in ballots to continue cheating because they know they can't win any other way. The science says masks DON'T work and cause the infections to spread faster. What a disgrace this is.


Ha,ha,ha. I for one am not complying. Fu, county commissioners. Until all the illegals crossing the border have undeniable proof of having a vaccination there is no reason to punish us.


Your comment makes no sense!? Why would we have to wait for immigrants to have "proof of having vaccinations" to protect ourselves? That is just plain stupid!


So it's okay for thousands of illegals to come into this country with every disease imaginable as long as all of us citizens are vaccinated against a virus that is 96% curable. Smart!


Your president is keeping the virus in full force by sending illegals to all major cities without masks or vaccinations. Great job moron


Because masks work so well after all


Well, I just saw their regular meeting and they're all masked up. Every last commissioner. And they are all vaccinated. I really think we're going backwards and I have to wonder if the spike in cases is due to exposure to the hundreds of thousands of illegals installed all over the country.


Yes, you should wonder. On the other hand, maybe you look at the track record of the former President in failing to deal with the crisis. I love saying "former President" :)


This has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with the incompetent government in this state and at the local level. And your comment is idiotic.


How's that inflation going pedo Joe? Oh I don't know I was too busy eating ice cream and crapping my diaper


I thought the time was changed to 9AM.


Thousands of illegals are crossing the border every month and they are better treated than those of us that are legal citizens. Masks don't work!!!!


Thousands of illegals? How bout millions of Trumpsters that joined Club Stupid and refused to get vaccinated? I say say kick them out! Oh, and masks do work, fool. It is called "science" (one of the subjects you failed in middle school; we won't discuss the high school debacle).


Butthead, masks don't work. It's like putting up a chain link fence around your property to keep mosquitoes out. Obviously,you get your "science" from cnn . Good luck.


Vaccinations sure worked for the Texas democrats. Haha. You look pretty stupid. Point out the science where masks work against the China virus. Listen to your daddy Fraudci.



Educate yourself fool!


Masks work. Wrong. . . again. Treating people nicely is not a bad thing, Karen.


Being nice got us a pedophile, senile, nincompoop in the white house. Along with a wh*re who slept her way into politics.

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