Virus Outbreak Nevada

The Las Vegas Strip is deserted as casinos and other business are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak, Tuesday, April 14, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County Commissioners on Tuesday agreed to suspend requirements for privileged business licenses for 120 days in order for businesses to be able to reopen when Gov. Sisolak gives the approval to do so.

These businesses, according to the resolution, include liquor, gaming establishments or resort hotels.

The resolution notes that Gov. Sisolak on March 17 issued a directive ordering gaming devices, machines, tables, and any equipment related to gaming activity cease operations.

Accordingly, many of the code requirements, such as minimum number of rooms, maintaining certain amenities such as a 24-hour restaurant, swimming pool, etc., would jeopardize the current status of and the ability to reopen many privileged license establishments in Clark County, the resolution notes.

These requirements would ultimately hinder the businesses ability to reopen when Gov. Sisolak gives the approval to do. As a result, the Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board of Clark County has suspended for 120 days from March 17, the following provisions:

  1. The minimum operating requirements of a resort hotel as provided for in Section of the County Code upon application of waiver by the licensee and subject to approval from the Department of Business License;

  2. The license restrictions of certain resort hotels and Class C and/or unrestricted live game license pursuant to Sections 8.04.310 (C) and (G) of the County Code;

  3. The automatic suspension or nonrenewal of a Class A, Class B or Class C slot machine operator for a discontinuance of business for a period of more than 60 days pursuant to Section 8.04.140 of the County Code; and

      4. The requirement that all liquor establishments must be open to the       general public any and all times that liquor is sold pursuant to Section 8.20.276 of the County Code.

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