Virus Outbreak Nevada

Workers board up a bar along Fremont Street Saturday, March 21, 2020, in Las Vegas. The governor of Nevada ordered all non essential businesses to close due to the coronavirus. (AP Photo/John Locher)

UPDATE (March 27): Clark County released the names of businesses Friday that have been issued emergency suspensions or citations related to Gov. Sisolak's nonessential closure directive since March 21.

Suspensions remain in effect until April 16, Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said in a release.

"The citations were for operating without a business license, which is a misdemeanor," Kulin said. 

BusinessAddressCountyDate ContactedSynopsis
Dragons Gym 3075 E. Flamingo #102 UCC3/21/2020Emergency suspension issued.  
Smokers3310 S. Nellis Blvd #4 UCC3/21/2020Emergency suspension issued. 
511 Tactic4305 Dean Martin Dr.UCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued. 
The Meeting Space/ The Recovery Store6115 S. Rainbow BlvdUCC3/22/2020Citation Issued 
DSW Designer Shoes 3785 S. Las Vegas Blvd.  UCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Vegas Auto Carwash4942 Peralite Ave. UCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Sesma's Car Wash Mobile Car WashUCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Liquor World 6410 S Rainbow Blvd UCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Jones Liquor7080 S Jones Blvd Ste Suite 101 UCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued.
XO Liquor4825 W. Flamingo RdUCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Liquor Land6105 W. Tropicana Ave.UCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Total Wine & More6885 S. Las Vegas Blvd.UCC3/22/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Quest X7900 W. Sunset Rd.UCC3/22/2020Citation Issued
Aries Gaming6365 Montessouri St. Ste 100.UCC3/23/2020Citation issued 
Rainbow Cigarettes4012 S. Rainbow BlvdUCC3/24/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Olympus Gardens CBD 4730 Blue diamond #135UCC3/24/2020Citation Issued.
Foliate Furniture7000 Placid StUCC3/24/2020Emergency suspension issued.
Echo 10551055 E. Tropicana Ave.UCC3/25/2020Citation issued.
Trailer Source3112 N. Nellis UCC3/25/2020Emergency suspension issued.

UPDATE (March 26): Clark County said its Department of Business License enforcement visited 110 locations since March 21, resulting in 18 suspensions and 5 citations for businesses operation without a license.

The names of the businesses were not provided.

ORIGINAL REPORT (March 23): LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police said the compliance team visited 113 businesses since all that were deemed nonessential were ordered by Gov. Steve Sisolak to close down by midnight Friday. 

In a media release, police said the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Special Investigation Section served 36 warning letters, seven suspensions and four citations to nonessential businesses in the area that were not complying with the Declaration of Emergency order.

The seven suspensions resulted in forced shutdowns of businesses that wouldn't voluntarily close, police said.

Police asked anyone questioning if a business is essential or nonessential to refer to the listing by the Nevada Health Response. Anyone who wishes to report a non-complaint business is asked to call the non-emergency 3-1-1 line. 

The City of Las Vegas on Monday said it would pursue action against non-compliant nonessential businesses under the state's public nuisance statute. 

In a short statement, city spokesperson Jace Radke said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers will enforce the closures of businesses deemed nonessential, established in a Clark County Commission meeting late Friday night. 

The City Attorney's Office will then pursue a criminal complaint or civil complaint based on the statute. The criminal option would result in a misdemeanor, while the civil option would secure a temporary restraining order to closre the business more quickly, Radke said.

In addition to this, Radke said the city is taking additional measures 

  • A 60-day grace period for business license renewals with due dates of March 1 or April 1
  • Options to close general or privileged licenses and no cost to reinstate them
  • A liquor license option to pay a reduced fee during the temporary closure
  • A gaming license option to pay a reduced fee during the temporary closure
  • An ongoing acceptance of applications during this time

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(4) comments

just sayin'

No booze, no recreational marijuana! They forced the liquor stores to close, but not the cannabis outlets? Why did they not have liquor stores follow the cannabis rule. "Licensed cannabis stores and medical dispensaries should only remain open if employees and consumers strictly adhere to the social distancing protocol." Yes, alcohol is recreational, so is cannabis. Now most cannabis locations are doing a booming business, as recreational marijuana is legal. But I can't get my high quality Tequila.

just sayin'

It seems the people making the decision to shut it all down, are the people who receive a paycheck, weather they work or not. The rest of us who live check to check, will get no help. The utilities will just carry your due bill, over to the next month, making it harder to ever catch up. If this is going to work, while everyone is in lock down, every monthly bill should stop, while the government shuts down the country. Things like gas & food should all you have to pay for. Big business will get a massive tax deduction and large hand outs from the government. But the little guy, he just gets the $crew. My landlord should not be allowed to collect the rent, as well as the bank, should not be allowed to collect the mortgage from him.


Agree 100% with everything you said. I frankly think this whole thing is completely Unconstitutional because it violates the Fifth Amendment.

No person shall ... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. .nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.

There is absolutely no precedence for mandating people imprison themselves in their homes for 3-4 weeks and forbid them to work and freely associate. I find the lack of anybody even questioning this scary. How can people willingly give-up their Rights this bloody easy? Americans are by and large a bunch of morons to be honest. They have lost their country and they put the handcuffs on themselves.


Wouldn't it just make more sense to give people options? stricter rules during a crisis? why the rush to nuke everything? Which linear exponential math nut has gotten to these politicians? Public see like a .006 death rate and then tries to rationalize the over-reach which has demanded they self imprison and kiss their work and businesses good bye. WHY? because Steve Sisolak says so? What happened to due process? privacy or anything for that matter? The Fed now is saying we could be looking at 30% unemployment and a 50% drop of GDP. If that happens because of this nonsense the living will envy the 12 people who end up dying here from the Chinese Virus.

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