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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County released a list of businesses which failed to comply with Governor Steve Sisolak's COVID-19 mandates.

Several Businesses received Notices of Violations. Lowe's Home Improvement on 2465 North Nellis Boulevard received a Notice of Civil Penalty and fined $250.

The following businesses were issued notices for being non compliant.

Smith’s Food and Drug stores:

  • 10100 West Tropicana Ave.
  • 8080 Las Vegas Blvd. So. 
  • 5525 W. Warm Springs Rd.)

Walmart stores:

  • 2310 E. Serene Ave.
  • 2570 E. Lake Mead

7-Eleven stores:

  • 4482 Maryland Pkwy.
  • 4620 E. Russell Rd.

The Silverton Hotel and Casino was cited for lack of social distancing at its mermaid show, which it temporarily cancelled one week ago. The Aria Resort and Casino was observed with guests not wearing masks and not socially distancing. Mandalay Bay was cited for not socially distancing in the pool area.

A barbershop, sushi restaurant, a shoe store, a gun shop and others received notices. To view the full list of noncompliant businesses see the document below.

Agents visited more than 1,600 businesses in unincorporated Clark County since June 26, when the Governor issued the mask mandate. Nearly 3,600 businesses were visited in Phase 2 and over 5,300 during Phase 1 and 2 combined.

The goal for agents during their visits is to educate and inform owners and managers of the guidelines. 

Stay with FOX5 for more updates.


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Great reporting comrade! The State appreciates your efforts and you will be rewarded with an extra ration. Remember, Wednesday is Soylent Green Day.


I bet Byron Teach is a good liberal. How many Joe Biden votes will he cast this November?


Great reporting comrade! The State appreciates your efforts and you will be rewarded with an extra ration. Remember, Wednesday is soylent Green Day.


Everyone must understand that this fake pandemic has just ended freedom in Nevada FOREVER. If you think that this invisible virus that no one dies from is going to go away after the election you are delusional. Freedom is gone forever, never to return. We will all be muzzled by government with masks as they destroy us all, when we try to gather to talk and socialize the government of Nevada will force us back to our kennels .

The testing that is being done is all garbage. Doing a PCR test in a non sterile open air environment is all bad test. Contaminated testing creates many false positives. This is why the SARS numbers are going up..NON Sterile testing. PCR tests are very sensitive to contamination FYI there is no new virus called Covid 19, the cirus is the 2006 SARS virus that China released into Toronto.


Oooh Looky! A list of places I can shop without being harassed! Thanks Fox5, I hope you keep this updated. Now I know which businesses to support! Thanks!


File a COMMERCIAL LIEN for violating his contract with the people.


Naming and Shaming Businesses that are STRUGGLING to stay open just like a true COMMUNIST. THEY SHOULD ALL SUE SISOLAK. Hes a tryrant RUINING NEVADA FOR HIS EVIL MASTER S OROS. SISOLAK NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED FOR DAMAGE HE HAS DONE TO NEVADA OVER 500 deaths in a state with 3 million residents. Sisolak is a maniacal dictator. Get Him Out!!!!!

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